March CookOff 2021 | The Tourist Emerges Victorious Once More

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This last weekend was an exciting affair for everyone involved in the March CookOff. Our setters had some ingenious problems, and the players came prepared for every one of them. So, let’s get straight to the details of the contest!

A Phenomenal Problem Platter 

The CookOff is one of our favorite coding competitions, credit to the problem-set that never disappoints. For this month’s challenge, Division One was assigned 6 problems to wade through to get to that number one spot. Problem Consecutive Deletions was the undisputed favorite of all the top players as it saw nearly 130 successful submissions with an accuracy rate of 86.99 percent. Problem Chef and Sorting was also bestowed with its fair share of attention as it racked up 50+ correct answers. Coming to the problems that had all our Division One coders baffled, we had Hill Sequence and Escape The Blue Chips. While Hill Sequence managed to get a meager 3 green ticks, Escape The Blue Chips remained unsolved throughout the contest.

Moving on to Division Two, the participants were once again given 6 problems to solve. The crowd-favorite problem here was Guess The Number. The problem saw nearly 2k successful submissions, alongside an accuracy rate of 34.68 percent. Another problem the Division Two players seemed to have enjoyed solving was Matrix XOR, as the problem got over 1500 green ticks. The tough problems for this Division included Water Transfer and Sort String. While seven smart players managed to crack the code for Water Transfer, Sort String was even more elusive at merely 4 successful submissions. 

Meanwhile, Division Three had their own party going as they were supposed to solve 7 problems in the given two and a half hours. The most popular problem here was Weight Balance, as it saw more than 6.7k correct answers. Much like the trend it was based on, the Pawri Meme problem was a hit amongst the Division Three players. Problem Chef and Sorting made a reappearance in this Division, but it was the opposite of popular this time. The problem got only 7 successful submissions, with an accuracy rate of 10 percent. Another tough problem for the Division Three players was Water Transfer, as only 3 players cracked this code.

Ranklists Full Of Action 

The short duration of the CookOff means that we almost always get to see some serious action in the ranklists. To absolutely no one’s surprise, all-time GOAT Gennady Korotkevich dominated the ranklist of Division One as he claimed first-place. He was followed by American coder ecnerwala. ecnerwala gave a stunning performance and was able to switch stars from 6 to 7. In the third place, we had coder maroonrk. The Japanese player gained 147 points in the contest and is now a 7-star coder. Right behind maroonrk we had participant atomicenergy, who despite a stellar performance wasn’t able to switch stars. In the fifth position, we had tadija_sebez. tadija_sebez started this contest as a 6-star player and ended it as a 7-star one.

For Division Two the title-winner was coder emorgan. The player displayed some serious skill in the contest, kudos to him! In the second place we had coder stelian, and he was followed by Chinese coder tenkei. All three coders were able to level-up to 5-star coders post the contest. The fourth position was claimed by participant amr962. amr962 accumulated 208 points in the contest and is now a 4-star coder. Next, in the fifth position, we had American coder penguinhacker. Mirroring amr962, penguinhacker was able to use this contest to jump stars from 3 to 4. 

The Division Three ranklist brought along some exciting news as it was topped by female coder carolina2018. This was an amazing feat, and we’re so excited at having a ranklist topped by a woman coder this Women’s month. Credit to her amazing performance carolina2018 was able to switch stars from 1 to 3. She was followed by Indian player def_not_alt. def_not_alt gave a great show, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough for him to level up. In the third place, we had American coder wabadaba. wabadaba was followed by Japanese participant stoq. The fifth position was clinched by alopikon. wabadaba, stoq, and alopikon all gave some dazzling displays of skills and credit to this were able to jump stars from 1 to 3. 

Well, folks, that’s all for now. To catch up with some post-contest learning, head on over to our Youtube channel and binge-watch our video-editorials for the competition. 

Until next time, this is CodeChef co-respondent Riddhi Acharya hoping for an equally thrilling March LunchTime

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