March LunchTime 2021 | Tourist Dominated The Ranklist Once Again!

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The March LunchTime has concluded, and we seriously couldn’t have hoped for a better contest. From crafty problems, to cutthroat competition, we were witness to it all! Our servers held up under some intense pressure, and it feels pretty great to have gotten through an entire month without a server mishap. Here’s a little recapof the contest for you, have fun! 

A Problem Set That Amazed Us All

This LunchTime, the duration was reduced to 2.5 hours, but that didn’t mean the problem-setters went easy on the players. Each Division was assigned 6 problems that the players would have to tackle to get to that revered number one position. For Division One, the most popular problem turned out to be Lunchtime. The problem saw 150+ successful submissions and an accuracy rate of 69.41 percent. Another problem the players seemed to have enjoyed was Uniform, as it got nearly 100 correct answers. Moving on to the problems that caused the players trouble, we had Binary Game and Prime Cycle. Binary Games got 7 green ticks, while Prime Cycle was just one below at 6. Each problem had an accuracy rate of 8.64 percent, and 10.17 percent respectively. 

Meanwhile, the Division Two players were busy at work with their own set of problems. Here the most popular one was Dinner by Candlelight, a problem that got more than 2.1k correct answers. Another problem the Div Two players must have enjoyed solving was Racing. The problem accumulated 1.8k+ successful submissions by the end of the contest. Talking tough problems here, we had Node Cadon and Gamer. Node Cadon got 12 green ticks, and only 5 players managed to solve Gamer

Throughout the contest, the Division Three players had their own party raging. The hero problem of this Division was Motivation. The problem received almost 6.3k successful submissions, with an accuracy rate of 65.34 percent. Another much loved problem was Turn It, as it saw 4.7k plus correct answers. Surprisingly enough, almost no problem proved to be too difficult for the up and coming players of Division Three. The problems with the lowest total of green ticks were Racing and Lunchtime, both of which saw more than a thousand correct answers. 

Ranklists That Had It All!

As always this LunchTime saw more than its fair share of competition in the ranklist. Star-player gennady.korotkevich clinched first- position, and in doing so furthered his ranking by 72 points. Not far behind him we had Canadian player ksun48. The player who was already a 7-star player managed to add to his point total by 29 points. ksun48 was followed by 7-star coder maroonrk, who credit to his stunning performance gained 142 points in the contest. In the fourth position we had participant neal. Although neal put up quite the display it wasn’t enough for him to switch stars from 6 to 7. Fifth place  was claimed by American 7-star player geothermal

The title winner for Division Two was fairy_winx. The player gave a truly magical performance and managed to use this contest to switch stars from 3 to 4. Next on the ranklist we had Google coder ymatsux. Mirroring fairy_winx , ymatsux also utilized this contest to jump stars from 3 to 4. Third place was grabbed by Japanese coder tabr. tabr showed some superb skills, and is now a 5-star player. In the fourth position we had Indian participant amurto. Despite his high rank, amurto wasn’t able to accumulate enough points to switch stars. The number five spot was also occupied by an Indian coder. losingnow started the contest as a 4-star player and ended it as a 5-star one. 

Player pookash resided on top of the Division Three ranklist. The coder gained a stunning 256 points in the contest and jumped stars from 1 to 3. Coming in second we had Indian coder godcrampy who credit to his amazing performance switched stars from 2 to 4. Third place was occupied by participant ripakj3, who used this contest to accumulate 212 points and in doing so upped his rating to become a 3-star player. Next we had harsh725, who started this contest as a 1-star player and ended it as a 3-star one. Fifth place was claimed by Indian participant draco976. The coder managed to accumulate 197 points in the contest and level-up to a 3-star player. All these players are now Division Two coders, and we look forward to seeing what they bring to the table in the next contests. 

Overall, this LunchTime was certainly a fun contest, We saw plenty of tough problems, and coders determined to solve them. In case a few such problems had you confused, you can always head on over to our YouTube channel for the video editorials. 

That’s it from our side for now. We hope to see you again at the April Long Challenge participating with equal vigor. Until then, keep coding!

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