March Starters 2021 | A Contest Full Of Promise

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The second edition of Starters was hosted this Sunday (i.e 28th March) and the competition was a way for us to end the month on a high. With some amazing displays of skill from our budding coders, it was a pretty great contest. Here’s a little recap to help you relive that electric energy. 

An Exciting Platter Of Problems

The Division Three players were given 7 problems to solve in the 3 hours. All the coders undoubtedly brought their A-game because we saw almost 35k submissions. The most popular problem out of all was Possible Victory. The problem saw over 6,000 successful submissions, with an accuracy rate of 69.79 percent. Another problem the Div Three players apparently enjoyed solving was Nobel Prize, as it accumulated nearly 4k correct answers during the contest. On the other end of the spectrum, problems Minimum Travel Time, and Maximum Score seemed to have the players in a fix. Minimum Travel Time saw 65 successful submissions, with an accuracy rate of 17.77 percent. Maximum Score was even trickier as it got merely 8 green ticks, and an accuracy rate which indicated that the problem left many coders frustrated. 

Ranklists Full Of Players Leveling-Up!

The Division Three ranklist for this contest was full of the Indian tri-colour as 20 out of the top 25 were Indian coders. The first place was bagged by franco1010. The player has managed to level-up to a Division Two player credit to his amazing performance. The next four positions were claimed by coders yuv123, coder_bv, anmu786, and yash_kumar12. All four of them showed some solid skills, and they’re all officially 3-star players. On the 6th place we had player iit2019113 who started this contest as a 2-star player and ended it as a 4-star one. Next we had Indian coder tier_3_guy who used this contest to switch stars from 2 to 3. The 8th place was clinched by coder harshgarg. Harsh gained 214 points in the contest and is now a 4-star player. Positions 9 and 10 were occupied by participants the_lechu and sin_ha_rash. Both the players managed to change stars from 2 to 3. Since all these players graduated, we look forward to them competing in Division Two in our upcoming contests

Well, that’s all that was happening in the March Starters. If you participated in the contest and got stuck on a few problems, check out the video editorials for those. 


That’s all we have for you right now. Hope to see you join us at the April Long Challenge. Until then, keep coding!

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