Watch The Inspiring Story Of Malvika Raj Joshi Who Cracked MIT At The Age Of 17!

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Do you remember the person who got into MIT without the conventional schooling style you are used to? Would it come as another big surprise if I tell you that she got there when she was 17? I’m talking about none other than Malvika Raj Joshi, a programming prodigy who paved her way to MIT by grabbing several accolades at the prestigious IOI Competition.

We recently invited Malvika on Weekends With Champions on the 31st of March, and what an inspiring and fun session it was! We celebrated our birthday this entire month of March, and this seemed to be the perfect end to the month-long celebrations. Currently pursuing Masters of Engineering at MIT, Cambridge, focusing on Quantum Computing, Malvika has done her bachelor’s in Physics and Computer Science from MIT as well.

Malvika has all the traits that you’d expect in a typical problem solver. Her eagerness to learn and solve trickier problems has made her stand on the platform that she is in now. Even though Malvika was homeschooled, she developed that knack for programming. This is what Malvika told us when asked about why did she choose programming as her main subject – 

“I always enjoyed learning, and there are so many resources available online with everyday something new coming up related to programming. I really enjoyed problem-solving and liked to have a problem to think about all day, and that’s why I took a liking to programming.”

We also talked with Malvika regarding her mentor and how her mother always supported and encouraged her throughout this journey. Watching her talk about her efforts and how she made it despite all odds was inspirational, to say the least. Overall, the session was an absolute must-watch for every aspiring competitive programmer out there. Even if you just want to get inspired, this is the perfect place for you. You can check out the recording of the entire episode!

The session was attended by several coding and tech enthusiast and not only beginners. Not only them but Malvika’s peers also joined the session who were a part of the IOI Finals. They asked many questions during the session, and it was something that you should surely check out, even if you are not a coder!

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