April Long Challenge 2021 | A Delightful Contest All The Way To The End!

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The first rated contest of April has ended, and we can all agree it was a good way to start the month. From challenging problems, to some fantastic ties in the ranklist, catch up with everything you might have missed!

A Pleasant Problem-Set! 

For this contest, all our divisions were assigned ten problems to wade through. For Division One, the problem with most submissions turned out to be Chef and Dice. By the end of the competition, roughly 500 players had sent submissions for this problem, and 180+ got the positive outcome they hoped for as their submissions ran successfully. Another popular problem was Worthy Matrix. The problem got 170+ correct answers with an accuracy rate of  36.33 percent. Talking about tough problems, String Power, Water Sort Puzzle (Challenge), and Brahma and Shiva definitely deserve a shout-out. String Power got a of total 17 successful answers, and Water Sort Puzzle (Challenge) saw 16 green ticks. Every player’s worst nightmare was Brahma and Shiva as by the end of the ten days, only 12 people sent in successful solutions for this problem. 

Meanwhile, Division Two was hard at work. The most popular problem here was once again Chef and Dice. The problem got over 19k submissions out of which nearly 5,000 got the green tick. Not far behind on the list was Worth Matrix. In this division, this problem got 3,300+ accurate submissions. However, not all problems proved to be such crowd favourites and the problem Chef and Pair Flips definitely had the players stumped. Despite the best efforts of the players, when the contest ended this problem had just 2 submissions with the green tick. Brahma and Shiva made a reappearance in this Division as a tough problem, and this time it got 0 correct answers. 

Moving on, the coders in Division Three were busy solving the problems they were assigned. Valid Pair was the problem that garnered the most attention with 28,500+ successful submissions. The problem World Record also saw quite a lot of action in this Division, as nearly 25,000 players solved it. On the other end of the spectrum, difficult problems for this Division included Chef and Pair Flips and Water Sort Puzzle (Challenge). Despite the 10 days, no coder was able to solve either of these problems.

How The Competition Went Down!

 The ranklists for the Long Challenges are always fascinating credit to the amazing comebacks and ties we get to witness. This time was no different. Player rgb_icpc2 clinched first place in Division One with a perfect score of 1000. He was closely followed by 7-star coder oilhun. On the number 3 place, we had Hungarian coder busamate who used this competition to switch stars from 6 to 7. busamate was followed by Chinese coder akee, who despite gaining 142 points wasn’t able to switch stars. Next we had Indian coder demoralizer. The coder gave us a dazzling display of skill, and is now a 7-star coder. 

The Division Two ranklist was topped by Indian coder dotaveterens. Credit to his performance, dotaveterens was able to level-up to a 5-star coder. He was followed by compatriot xceptional, who started this contest as a 3-star player, and ended it as  a 4-star one. The third position was a tie between players dorijanko, and noimi, and the fifth place was claimed by coder flibia. All three coders displayed some serious skills, and are now ranked as 5-star players.    

Moving on to Division Three, the winner here was rk007coder. The Indian gained 199 points in the contest and is now a 3-star coder.  In a pretty freakish event, the second place was a 60-way tie! Yep, you read that right, 60-way! The first five of these 60 were Indian coders included Hellhammer, faiz276482, vipul2097, akash_dutta, and sarvesh_kr. To check out all the 60 players, head on over to the official ranklist here.

Well, that’s all for the recap of everything that happened in the contest. If you’re interested in some post-competition learning, feel free to head on over to our YouTube channel for the video editorials!

We’ll say goodbye now. Hope to see you at the April Cook-Off. Until then, keep coding!

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