April Cook-Off 2020 | Tourist Crowned Winner Once More

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The 2021 April Cook-Off took place this Sunday, and the contest was pretty much the perfect way for a coder to end their weekend. We saw some tough problems, some creative problem-solving, and great competition as usual. Here’s a recap of what went down in the 3 hours (Yes, this time the Cook-Off was for 3 hours instead of the usual 2.5 hours). 

An Amazing Platter Of Problems! 

This Cook-Off started on a fantastic note as all three Divisions got down to business. Division One was assigned 7 problems, and the fact that not a single one went unsolved says a lot. The problem most favored by the pro coders was OR of ANDS. It drew in a total of 170 successful submissions, with an accuracy rate of 75.77 percent. Problem Tree Distances was also showered with plenty of attention as it saw 120+ correct answers. However, not everything was roses and sunshine for the Division as they had quite a few tough problems to deal with. Array and Operations must have had the players working hard as it got only 12 green ticks. Problems Low Budget Sanitization and GCD Sums were even trickier as both got merely 2 correct answers each. 

In the meantime, Division Two was busy solving the 6 problems it was assigned. Chocolate Monger was the unanimous favorite problem of this Division as it got over 3.3k successful submissions. Problem OR of ANDS made a reappearance in this Division, and this time it was the second most popular. It got 2,200 green ticks, with an accuracy rate of 39.38 percent. For the tough problems of this Division we had Deletion Sort, Low Budget Sanitization, and Array and Operations. While Deletion Sort got 5 correct answers, Low Budget Sanitization managed just one green tick. Even worse was Array and Operations as no coder cracked this code.

Moving on to Division Three, all our budding coders certainly showed some skill in this contest as they tackled the 6 problems given to them. The most loved problem here was Passing Marks. The problem saw nearly 10k successful submissions, alongside an accuracy rate of 67.92 percent. Even in its repeat appearance, problem Chocolate Monger saw its fair share of attention as it got almost 6,000 correct answers. On the other hand, not all problems were so easy. Tree Distances must have kept our coders occupied, as it saw only 25 green ticks. Deletion Sort must also have had the coders confused, as by the end of the contest, only one player solved this problem. 

How The Ranklist Went Down! 

All three rank lists for this contest were quite the sight. The players fought long and hard, and we got to witness some exciting competition. All time goat gennady.korotkevich took the title in Division One, making it his 4th consecutive Cook-Off win. He was followed closely by Canadian ksun48, who was able to solve 6 of the 7 problems to secure his rank. In the third place we had coder neal, who gained 145 points in the contest and is now a 7-star player. Right on his tail, we had 7-star participant krismaz, who managed to accumulate 45 points in the contest. The fifth place went to Taiwanese player dreamoon4. The coder was able to collect 144 points in the contest, and has now leveled-up to a 6-star player. 

The winner in Division Two was Croatian coder anonymousmouse. The coder gained 164 points in the contest and jumped stars from 4 to 5. The second and third places were claimed by players aniks2645 and n_um_erater. Both players gave us a splendid performance, and have switched stars to 4. Positions number four and five were taken up by coders fairy_winx and optimus459. The participants showed some serious skills over the 3 hours, and both now qualify as 5-star coders. 

The Division Three rank list was heavily peppered with Indian coders, as 4 out of the top 5 were Indians. The 1st place was claimed by player snacc_overflow, who successfully switched stars from 2 to 3 post this contest. He was followed by coder yaswanth121, who also levelled-up to a 3-star player. Next, on positions three and four we had coders shreyd1234 and shuba4004. Credit to their fantastic coding, both players jumped stars from 1 to 3. The fifth place was occupied by coder purple_crayon, who gained 221 points in the contest and is now a 3-star player. 

Well folks, that was our recap for the 2021 April Cook-Off. If you got stuck on a problem in the contest, head on over to the video editorials! 

Until next time, keep coding! 

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