CodeChef 7- Star Coder Mate Busa Has His Say On Long Challenges

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The first rated contest of April has ended, and we can all agree it was a good way to start the month. From challenging problems to some fantastic ties in the rank list, the April Long Challenge did not disappoint! Our community liked the contest as well, and one of our members would like to share his experiences with us. Here’s Máté Busa spilling his thoughts on the April Long Challenge 2021! 

“In secondary school, I attended several online competitions, but now at university, I only compete at CodeChef. I especially like Long Challenges since it has the most complex tasks.

This month, my favorite (and also the hardest) problem was definitely the String Power. I love when Math and Programming overlap, and you need both of them to solve a problem.

When the start date arrived, I started programming right away. I was done with most of the tasks in the first few days, so I had plenty of time to deal with the challenging problem. I think the key to earn more points was to highly use tubes with low C values. If you increase their capacity significantly, you can collect the reagents from other tubes in them, and then you can separate the different colours.

In my opinion, if you would like to get higher ranks in Long Challenges, you shouldn’t be afraid of some paperwork before actual coding.”

Máté is a 7-Star coder from Hungary, for those of you unaware, where he is also the country rank 1. He achieved a Global Rank of 3 in the April Long Challenge 2021. Máté started his journey with CodeChef in 2015, and over the past six years, there has been no stopping him. He consistently ranks in the top 100 competitive coders globally, and we’d love to see him continue his programming wave. 

That’s all from the guest bloggers section this time around. If you want to be a guest blogger as well, then write to us at Till then, keep coding! 

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