April Starters 2021 | A Contest Full Of Fun!

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This weekend was fairly happening for all our Division Three coders as they got together to compete in the April Starters! The contest saw some great problems and competition, and it was an amazing 3-hours. Here’s a recap of everything that happened last Sunday!  

A Problem-Set To Envy!

As soon as the clock ticked 4 PM IST  the Division Three players got to work. They had 6 problems to solve, and they showed some serious grit solving every single one of them. The most popular problem of the Division was no doubt Chef On Island. The problem drew in nearly 8.3k successful submissions, with an accuracy rate of 63.08 percent. Another problem much loved by the players was Hiring Test, as it saw almost 6,500 correct answers. On the other end of the spectrum, the Division had to deal with their fair share of tough problems! Chef and Drill must have had the coders in a fix as it gathered only 75 AC’s with an even lower accuracy rate of 11.14 percent. However, it was the problem  Cleaning Drive that had all the players baffled. By the end of the contest only 5 players were able to get green ticks on their submissions, while the rest were forced to give up. 

A Ranklist That Didn’t Disappoint! 

The Starters Division Three ranklist is always quite a sight. This time was no different and there were some tough fights between the players. The first place was claimed by coder emilan. The participant dazzled us with his skills, and jumped stars from 1 to 3 credit to his performance. Right on emilan’s tail we had Indian coder lucky_noobda. lucky_noobda gained 222 points in the contest and switched stars from 2 to 4. Next we had bjminhnhut who used the contest to level-up to a 3-star coder. The number four spot was occupied by player gabp, who was also able to move on to be a 3-star player. The next 3 positions were occupied by Indian coders black_hawk_16, sg1003, and dispersion. All 3 coders displayed fantastic skills and were able to jump stars from 1 to 3! The eighth place was occupied by hell_coder1, who started this contest as a 2-star player and ended it as a 3-star one. Ninth place was clinched by xzrrooney, who mirroring the player before him, jumped stars from 2 to 3. The tenth place was taken up by Indian coder heisenberg_smh, who credit to his skills is now a 2-star player! 

Overall, the April Starters certainly saw its fair share of all the things that make a contest awesome! However, a contest isn’t over till you learn from it, and that’s why we’d suggest watching our video editorials to see what you could have done better. 

Well, that’s it from our side. Until next time, this is CodeChef co-respondent Riddhi Acharya hoping for an equally happening April LunchTime! 

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