April LunchTime 2021 | Gennady Bags The Win Once More!

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The April LunchTime was conducted last Friday (i.e. 30th April) and we all felt it was a fitting way to end the month. We had some crafty problems, and we saw some fantastic competition amongst the players. Here’s a little recap of everything that happened! 

An Amazing Platter Of Problems! 

The contest was off to a cracking start for Division One as it was given 5 problems to solve in the 3 hours. All the problems must have been fairly tough because we saw considerably less AC’s in the Division than usual. The problem A Special Tree had the most successful submissions at 130+. However, the second most popular problem, Intersection Matrix, got only 19 correct answers. Slightly tougher than both of these problems were Hackerman and Magical Coins, both of which got 7 accurate answers each. The problem that proved near impossible to solve was Weird Full Graph as it got only a single green tick. 

Meanwhile, Division Two seemed to have had it a little easier despite the fact that they were assigned 6 problems. The problem that was showered with the most attention in this Division was Chef in Heaven as it got over 4.3k correct answers with an accuracy rate of 69.43 percent. Problem Bench Press was given almost the same amount of love as it got nearly 4k successful submissions. Problems Intersection Matrix and Weird Full Graph caused chaos in this Division as well. While Intersection Matrix got 4 green ticks, no one was able to solve Weird Full Graph. 

All this while, Division Three was busy dealing with their own 6 problems. Over here the problem Coldplay was the most popular with 10,500+ successful submissions. Equinox Strings was also fairly popular amongst the budding coders as it accumulated nearly 8k correct answers. Surprisingly enough, every problem in this Division except A Special Tree had a total of correct answers in the thousands. A Special Tree got the players of Division Three good, and it saw only 92 green ticks. 

Über Competitive Ranklists! 

The ranklists for this LunchTime kept us all on the edge of our seats. To absolutely no one’s surprise, Gennady clinched first position in Division One, and took his rating to 4331. In second place we had Indian coder kal013. The player showed some serious skills, and he has now joined the elite league of the 7-star coders. The next three spots in the ranklist were an all Japanese affair as players natsugiri, hitonanode, and noimi claimed positions 3 to 5. While natsugiri and hitonanode had been 7-star players prior to the contest, noimi was able to switch stars from 5 to 6 credit to his amazing performance. 

The title winner for Division Two was gyh20. The coder gave a solid performance and jumped stars from 4 to 5. Next we had player naseem17 who despite the high ranking wasn’t able to change stars just yet. In the third position we had American coder zyzz_1 who gained 160 points in the contest, and is now a 5-star player. Right behind zyzz_1, we had coder thesawan. thesawan gave an excellent performance and managed to level-up to a 4-star player. The fifth place spot was occupied by coder ahmads_23 who used this contest to switch stars from 4 to 5. 

Coming to the Division Three ranklist, in the first position we had andrik007. This was andrik007’s first CodeChef competition and the player jumped stars from 1 to 3. Next we had coder orangeylight. orangeylight was followed by chuahe, and chuahe was followed by arvindr9. All three of them started the contest as 2-star coders and ended it as 3-star ones. The number five spot was taken up by vodacbaoan. The player truly showed us a unique set of skills and has levelled-up to a 3-star coder.

That’s all for a contest recap from our side. If you got stuck on some problem or are looking for a little post-contest learning, we’d suggest going through these video editorials. 

Until next time, this is CodeChef correspondent Riddhi Acharya hoping for an equally exciting May Long Challenge! 

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