May Cook-Off 2021 | New Names On The Ranklists!

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This weekend was an electric deal for everyone involved in the May Cook-Off. The contest started at our traditional 9:30 PM IST on 23rd May, and we all enjoyed some skilled coding till 12 in the night. In case you missed the action, here’s a little recap of the entire shabang! 

A Phenomenal Problem Platter! 

This Cook-Off, our Division One players were assigned 5 problems and the top coders didn’t disappoint. With 135 accurate answers and an accuracy rate of 40.36 percent, the most popular problem was Double Burgers. Another problem on the crowd-favorite list was Permutation Swaps with its 110 successful submissions. Problems that didn’t make it to the crowd-favorite list included Product Mex Queries and Xor maximum-minimum matrices. While Product Mex Queries got 2 green ticks, only player maksim1744 was able to solve Xor maximum-minimum matrices. 

The Division Two participants had 6 problems to deal with. Here The Last Problem was easily the problem showered with most attention. The problem saw over 2.3k green ticks, alongside an accuracy rate of 35.44 percent. Another problem that got a lot of attention was Chef and Subarryas as it saw 1,100+ successful submissions. On the other hand, problems that the players avoided were Falling Zero and Xor maximum-minimum matrices. While Falling Zero managed to get at least 3 correct answers, Xor maximum-minimum matrices went unsolved throughout the contest. 

Moving on to Division Three, the coders here were given 6 problems to wade through. Out of these 6, the most solved was Marathon with 10k+ successful submissions. Vaccine Drive also turned out to be a popular problem with nearly 3,000 correct answers. On the tougher end of the spectrum, the problems that confused this Division were Permutation Swaps and Falling Zero. Permutation Swaps got 15 green ticks, and a 1 percent accuracy rate, while Falling Zero got 7 green ticks and an accuracy rate of 14.29 percent. 

Uber Competitive Ranklists! 

For the first time since last October, Gennady didn’t feature in the competition and on the ranklist for the Cook-Off. Instead, this time’s title winner in Division One was maksim1744. The Russian gained 161 points in the contest and is now a 6-star coder. Right on his tail, was Japanese player tute7627 who managed to switch stars from 6 to 7 credit to his amazing performance in the contest. Third place was secured by 7-star coder geothermal. Next on the ranklist we had farhod_farmon who despite his skilled display wasn’t able to jump stars from 6 to 7. The fifth position was secured by Japanese 7-star coder nyaan

The number one spot in Division Two was occupied by kude, who used this contest to jump stars from 4 to 5. kude was followed by American player sam_rei who gained 203 points in the contest and is now a 4-star player. The third and fourth positions were clinched by Indian players tejas01101001 and abcdejh, both of whom are now 5-star players. Lastly, at fifth place we had Vietnamese player chuahe who used this contest to level-up to a 4-star coder. 

Our winner in Division Three was Japanese coder ssrs. He was followed by compatriot sansen. The third position was secured by kiyoshi0205, who gained 228 points in the contest. Next, on the fourth position we had coder haruki_k who accumulated 216 points over the contest, and after him, the number 5 spot was claimed by antherman_123. All of these players successfully managed to switch stars to 3, credit to their amazing performance in the contest! 

Overall, the May 2021 Cook-Off was a pretty exciting deal. If you participated in the contest and were unable to solve any problem, head on over to our video editorials to skill up in time for the next contest. 

Watch Video Editorials

Well, folks, that’s all for this match report! We hope that the upcoming contests are as exciting as this one. Until then, keep coding! 

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