May Starters 2021 | A Contest Dominated By The Japanese

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This weekend was certainly an exciting deal for every budding coder who was involved in the May Starters. Alongside the perfect problem set, we saw some spectacular displays from the participants as well. So, without further ado, here’s a little recap of the contest! 

A Perfect Platter of Problems 

This time around, Starters came equipped with 6 problems for the competitors to battle against. The most loved out of all was easily Lazy Chef. The problem drew in a whopping 10.5k+ submissions, with an equally impressive accuracy rate of 77.99 percent. Another problem that the Division Three coders showered with its fair share of attention was Correct Sentence, as it saw over 5,500 submissions and an accuracy rate of 38.67 percent. However, not everything was fun and games for the coders as there were two problems in particular that seemed to have them stumped. Problem Minimum Popping received nearly 80 correct answers, with an unflattering accuracy rate of 6.22 percent. The problem that stole the crown for toughest problem was Subtree Center with merely 13 green ticks, accompanied by an accuracy rate of 18.84 percent. 

A Ranklist Dominated By Japanese Players! 

This ranklist was pretty special not only due to all the players who levelled-up, but also because the top 5 consisted solely of Japanese coders. The title winner was player rniya. Right behind rniya we had nok0. nok0 was followed by coder hotman78, who in turn was followed by kaikey. The fifth position was claimed by mtsd. All 5 of these participants started the contest as 1-star players and ended it as 3-star ones. It is also to be noted that May Starters have been the first rated CodeChef contest for all of them. The next two positions were occupied by Indian coders not_artish19, and vaibhavnandan both of whom also switched stars to 3. In eighth place we had Chinese coder vqthanh, who gained 204 points in the contest and is now a blue belt player. Places nine and ten were taken up by participants sayaka and rns_kgj. Mirroring all the players before them, sayaka and rns_kgj ended the contest as 3-star players as well. 

Well, that’s a recap of how the contest went. If you participated in the May Starters and are looking for a little post-contest learning, we suggest you binge-watch our video editorials. 

Watch Starters Video Editorials

That’s all we have for you now. We hope that tomorrow’s LunchTime is as exciting a contest like this one. Until then, keep coding!

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