Why Python Is Important To Crack The Best Tech Jobs For Programmers

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We had a little birdie telling us that many think Python is just a beginner’s language. Well, we are here to break that myth and help you understand how much more Python is. We will tell why Python is one of the most loved languages and how top companies make use of it.

Why is Python perceived as an elementary language?

Due to its user-friendly nature and readability, Python is an excellent choice for beginners and experts alike. Python provides an extensive support library making it easier for people to code. Its syntax is quite close to that of the English language, making it easier to comprehend. It’s one of the easiest languages to experiment with and create enjoyable mini-projects. But quite often people think that Python is sufficient for getting introduced to the world of programming and shift their focus to much more difficult languages. Easy necessarily doesn’t mean not of much importance. 

Here’s why Python can change your fate

Did you know most of the well-known companies use this language for their business applications? The FAANG companies that most of us are aspiring to work for also are great pioneers of Python. 


Python is one of the most commonly used languages for Production Engineering at Facebook. Hundreds of Facebook Engineers make use of this language to build and maintain libraries across the entire infrastructure. According to a 2016 report by Facebook, Python plays a crucial role in the Infrastructure Management of Facebook. In fact, Python is preferred second to C++ at Facebook. Python is used to execute a variety of tasks, including network switch configuration, maintenance automation, server imaging, problem detection, and diagnostics. Few of the Python-based projects like FBTFTP(TFTP server), PYAIB( An IrcBot framework), and an Ads API are already open-sourced. Python is used by Tupperware, Facebook’s container deployment technology. 


We all use Google daily, but do you ever wonder which programming language does the job? Python, as a highly flexible programming language, enables developers to build and maintain projects of varying complexity. Python is one of the key languages at Google along with C++ and Java. Youtube, a massive part of Google, is a big user of Python. Youtube uses Python for a variety of functions, including viewing a video, controlling website templates, administering video, and accessing canonical data. TensorFlow created by the Google Brain team is a Python library for fast computation and Deep Learning. Peter Norvig, Director of Search Quality at Google quoted, ” Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning and remains so as the system grows and evolves. Today dozens of Google engineers use Python, and we’re looking for more people with skills in this language”. Well isn’t this the best reason for you to step up the game and learn more? 


Did you know that the recommended deals that you see are possible because of Python? Amazon analyses its customers’ buying and search habits to recommend appropriate suggestions. This is made feasible by their Python Machine Learning engine, which interfaces with Hadoop, the company’s database. Python’s ability to scale and deal with the humongous amount of data is why Amazon prefers this language. 


For all the Netflix binge-watchers out there, did you know Netflix relies heavily on Python? Netflix uses Python extensively for personalization algorithms for improving the user experience. Various systems required to build and operate Netflix’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) are written in Python. Demand Engineering is responsible for Regional Failovers is primarily built in Python. Python is also used for various other services such as Encoding Videos, Orchestration services, Monitoring, Alerting, and statistical analytics work. 

Improve your Python Skills

Fascinated by how this simple yet powerful language helped shape the companies and their applications? We have a few great courses recommendations for helping you get started with Python 

Watch these and until next time keep coding! 

This is Ganga signing off for now. Until next time!

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