Indian Coder a-dreamer Bags Top Spot At The June Long Challenge 2021

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The June Long Challenge ended yesterday, and the contest was seriously epic. The competition was rated only for Division Three but despite that we saw plenty of amazing coding. Here’s a little recap of the entire shabang!

A Problem Set That Left Us Starry-Eyed! 

The burgeoning coders of Division Three were assigned 10 problems to solve, and they certainly brought their A-game. The most popular problem was Summer Heat with 28,000+ successful submissions, and an equally astounding accuracy rate of 79.53 percent. Bella ciao was also a much loved problem with its 17.3k correct answers. Along with these, Bitwise Tuples was witness to a lot of attention as well. Bitwise Tuples got over 10,500 green ticks, and an accuracy rate of 33.7 percent. On the other hand, a question that perplexed the coders of Division Three was Optimal Xor Set. The problem got only 11 right answers, and an even smaller accuracy rate of 0.4 percent. Maximum Frequent Subarray Sum and MathBuzz were even tougher problems as merely 4 players were able to solve both. 

After the contest we spoke to Problem Setter, Sabbir Rahman, who was responsible for Maximum Frequent Subarray Sum, and asked him about his thoughts on the problem. 

“The problem was really just a natural extension of the Maximum Subarray Problem, where I first thought about finding the most frequent subarray. But that was a trivial problem, so instead, I tried to find a subarray with maximum frequency * sum. Seeing the solve counts, I actually expected more solves. I guess the count is low since it requires simulating the suffix tree. Another interesting fact is that my problem’s idea probably works with any other aggregate, not just some.”

A Ranklist That Did Not Disappoint!

The Division Three ranklist for this Long Challenge was quite dramatic with its handful of ties. Players a_dreamer from India and kakas7321 from Jordan claimed the first position, while German coder, sylvus, and jesyspa from the Netherlands, settled for third. The fifth place was tied three ways with competitors h6_6q, hg17, and etasht all scoring exactly 800 points. All seven of these participants managed to jump stars from 1 to 3. Coder cheese_cracker secured 8th place and managed to level up to a 3-star player as well. The number nine spot was a 5-way tie featuring participants rahul070801, iampulkit, pritish19076, tushar2407, and cyberkid05. All of them started the contest as 2-star players, and credit to their skillful performance ended it as 3-star ones. 

That’s all for a recap of the competition! If you’re looking for some post contest learning, you should head over to our video editorials for the problems. 

Watch Video Editorial

Well, this was an amazing contest, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the rest of June is just as exciting. Until then, keep coding! 

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