Kevin Sun Wins June Cook-Off 2021

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The June Cook-Off concluded last Saturday, and it was a contest that defined the word epic. We witnessed an amazing battle between Kevin Sun and Gennady Korotkevich, alongside a great problem set. It was a fun 2.5 hours, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Here’s a recap of the entire game to help bring you up to speed with the happenings of the competition! 

A Fantastic Platter Of Problems! 

This time around, Division One was assigned 5 problems to work through. The most popular of the lot was Binary String On Steroids. The first person to solve the problem was none other than Gennady, and by the end of the contest, 135+ players had successfully solved it as well. Another problem that was a crowd favorite was Battle Royale with nearly 50 correct answers and an accuracy rate of 85.19 percent. The tough problems on the list were Random Permutation & Clamp Path On Trees. Gennady and Kevin Sun were the only ones able to crack Random Permutation, while the maksim1744 was the solo player to walk away with the green tick for Clamp Path On Trees.  

Our Division Two players were asked to solve 6 problems before the end of the contest. The Wave was the most popular problem for this Division with 4000+ successful submissions. Binary String On Steroids made an appearance as a popular problem in this Division as well. The problem got 1.7k+ correct answers, with an accuracy rate of 33.14 percent. Coming to the difficult problems of this Division, Polynomial Root and Clamp Path On Trees stole the show. While 4 players solved Polynomial Root, Div Two was hit with the curse of an unsolved problem as no one cracked the code to Clamp Path On Trees. 

Moving on to Division Three, here the players were responsible for 6 problems as well. The most loved out of all 6 was Chefland Visa. airamc was the first player to solve this problem and over 8600 players followed suit. ICPC Balloons was another problem we assume the players enjoyed solving, because it racked up an impressive 7.k+ correct answers! The only problem that seemed to have troubled this Division was Too Much Xor as it saw merely 8 green ticks, and an accuracy rate of 2.84 percent. 

After the contest, we talked to Problem-Setter Akshit Monga, who was responsible for Too Much Xor, and asked him about his inspiration for the problems. 

“I tried thinking of some kind of conditions for sequences such that alternating sequences always satisfy those. Initially, I wanted to set conditions such that sequences other than alternating sequences would also satisfy them but then I came with this problem where the solution could only be alternating sequences and I think that part was pretty easy to think of in my problem. After that, I tried to think of some kind of sensible operations to perform to convert a given sequence to a “good” sequence” 

Ranklists That Had Plenty Of Twists! 

The Division One ranklist this Cook-Off was truly a sight, with pros Kevin Sun and Gennady fighting tooth and nail for the first position. Eventually it was Kevin who emerged victorious, and Gennady had to settle for second place. Close behind both of them was Russian coder maksim1744. The player gained 147 points in the contest, and levelled-up to a 7-star coder. The number four spot was occupied by 

red-band coder endagorian, who was followed by sam_rei. sam_rei accumulated 163 points in the contest and is now a 6-star player. 

The first position in Division Two was clinched by Japanese coder rubikun. Credit to his stellar performance rubikun was able to switch stars from 3 to 4. He was followed by compatriot torisasami, who in turn was followed by jooddae. Both player torisasami and jooddae started the contest as 4-star codera and ended it as 5-star ones. Positions four and five were claimed by participants sansen and mr_robot_28. Both of them mirrored the 2 players before them and used this contest to jump stars from 4 to 5.

Our winner for Division Three was Chinese coder rgb_icpc6, who used this contest to collect 230 points, and move on to be a 3-star player. Second place was claimed by another Chinese coder, rgb_icpc5, and right on his tail we had jainbot27. Fourth place was occupied by kumakumaaaaa, who was followed by vlamarca. All four of these players showed some serious grit and skills throughout the contest, and they have now leveled-up to 3-star coders! 

That’s all that went on in the June Cook-Off. If you just barely missed out on solving a problem, we’ve got our video editorials all ready to go for you! 

Watch Video Editorials 

Well, players, that’s it from our side for now. We’re sitting with our fingers crossed, hoping that the upcoming June LunchTime is just as exciting as this contest was. Until then, keep coding!

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