Meet The Girls Who Made India Proud At The European Olympiad

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On June 14th, girls worldwide sat in front of their screens and watched the first edition of the European Girls Olympiad in Informatics (EGOI) unravel. The Indian girls shone brightly at the maiden edition of the international competition, dedicated to encourage girls across the globe to participate and explore their interests. Megha Hegde, Aishwarya Naidu, Khooshi Asmi and Gargie Tambe are the four girls from India who brought home a Silver and two Bronze medals. They were led and mentored by Madhavan Mukund, Director of Chennai Mathematical Institute, and IOI veteran Malvika Joshi. The girls were chosen on the basis of the INOI scores and the top 4 girls represented India at the EGOI.   

All About EGOI 2021

European Girls Olympiad in Informatics (EGOI) was held in Zurich, Switzerland, where girls from more than 40 countries participated virtually. The event lasted for a week, from June 13th to June 19th. Each team consisted of four participants and two leaders. After the opening ceremony, participants met each other on the EGOI Discord server, where participants and organisers socialised, interacted and exchanged ideas with each other. Volunteers guided a team or two throughout the week and made sure they got to know each other through various games and workshops. The final contest of the Olympiad was spread across two days. 

Meet The Medalists 

Megha Hegde, a grade 11 student of Alpine Public School, Bangalore has also participated in various other olympiads such as Junior Science Olympiad, the prestigious IOI and made it to the third round as well. Aishwarya Naidu, is a student from FIITJEE Junior College, Hyderabad. She started coding right from when she was in 8th grade and since then, this is her first International Olympiad she participated in. Khooshi Asmi of Surendranath Centenary School, Ranchi started coding from class 8 and focussed more on Competitive Programming from 10th grade.

What Inspired The Girls 

The girls had begun their journey last year when Malvika Joshi and volunteers started prepping the girls for olympiads. The girls are delighted and grateful for all the guidance that everyone provided them.

Talking about her inspirations, and resources she resorted to for the competition, silver-medalist Megha Hegde shared, “The constant preparation for IOI and various other Olympiads helped me in this quite a lot.” Steven Halim had been her choice of reference for programming resources, and she also emphasised the importance of constant practice. 

We spoke to EGOI bronze-medalist, Aishwarya Naidu about the importance of mentorship for winning such competitions. 

“Never be hesitant to seek help. Competitive programming can be quite daunting, but even the most skilled programmers were once beginners, stay true to your resolution and keep going,” she was quoted saying. Khooshi Asmi, who brought home bronze, drew her inspiration from one of her teachers at Surendranath Centenary School. 

With Indian girls making it big at the first edition of EGOI, we at CodeChef couldn’t be happier. Here’s hoping for more such accomplishments. To know more about EGOI and other international olympiads check out this page.

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