June LunchTime 2021 | An Epic Showdown!

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The CodeChef June LunchTime 2021 concluded last Saturday, and it was a contest that pushed every coder to the edge. We had a problem-set that drew in hundreds of players and ranklists were an absolute riot as always. Here’s a little recap to help you relive the competition! 

A Problem-Set Designed To Amaze! 

This LunchTime the Division One players had zero time to spare as they were expected to solve 6 problems in 3 hours. Out of the 6, From Rational to Binary was the most popular with its 150 successful submissions. Much like its real life counterpart, problem Tic Tac Toe was also pretty loved as it saw 120 correct answers and an accuracy rate of 24.3 percent. While these were the easy problems of the Division, tough problems included Graph Count and Island Hopping. Gennady was the first one to solve Graph Count, and 7 others followed his lead, whereas nuip was the first one to crack Island Hopping with 2 others mirroring him. 

As with Division One, our Division Two players were assigned 6 problems to solve as well. Here the crowd favorite was False Number. The problem received nearly 4.5k successful submissions alongside an impressive accuracy rate of 66.03 percent. Problem Unpleasant Ones must have actually been fairly pleasant as it got a total of 3,700+ correct answers. The villainous problems for this Division were Hidden Cell and Node Marketing. Hidden Cell garnered 22 green ticks and an accuracy rate of 15.08 percent. Meanwhile, rniya was the first player to crack the code for Node Marketing and 12 others repeated the feat. 

Much to everyone’s surprise, the Division Three coders were given 7 problems to solve by the end of the contest. Problem Richie Rich stole the spot for most successful submissions with its 9.2k+ correct answers. False Number was a much adored problem here as well. The problem received nearly 6,500 green ticks and an accuracy rate of 54.41 percent. Problem Tic Tac Toe made a reappearance in this Division, but this time it saw only 102 right answers. The toughest problem the Div Three coders had to face was Node Marketing as only 3 players managed to solve it. 

Ranklist That Didn’t Disappoint! 

The Division One ranklist was truly a sight as 4 out of the top 5 spots were claimed by red band coders. After losing to Kevin Sun in June Cook-Off, Gennady climbs right back at the top spot with this contest, proving exactly why he’s the best. Close behind him was Japanese coder maroonrk, who was followed by ksun48. The number four position was claimed by hitonanode, who despite gaining 103 points in the contest is still a few points behind his personal high score. Fifth place was occupied by nuip who started this contest as a 6-star player and ended it as a 7-star one. 

The winner of Division Two was Chinese coder moransky. The player gave a stellar performance and was able to switch stars from 4 to 5. Second place was claimed by mtsd who managed to use this contest to level-up to a 4-star coder. The number 3 and 4 spots were clinched by Japanese coders noshi91 and rubikun respectively, and both of them managed to jump stars from 4 to 6. On the fifth position we had Indian player coder_jay11 who gained 168 points in the contest and is now a 4-star player. 

Coder heno239 was the one who clinched first place in Division Three. Right on his tail was compatriot fuppy. The number 3 spot was claimed by Australian player joshc. On the fourth and fifth positions we had participants needforsleep_mw and paragraph. All of these coders had us seriously in awe of their skills throughout the contest, and we’re happy to say that they all started this contest as 1-star coders and ended it as 3-star ones. 

That’s all that went on during the contest. If you participated in the contest and came across a few difficult problems, we suggest a healthy dose of video editorials! 

Watch Video Editorial

Well, folks, we’ve reached the end of this match report. June has been a largely entertaining month and we hope that July is even better. Until then, keep coding! 

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