June Starters 2021 | The Perfect Way To End The Perfect Month

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The June Starters was a pretty exciting contest. We had an amazing problem-set, and we were witness to some superb talent in the ranklist. In case you missed out on the details of the competition, here’s a little recap to bring you up to speed. 

A Phenomenal Problem-Set! 

Division Three must have had a gala time this contest as they were given the task of working through 6 problems in the 3 hours. The problem that was showered with the most attention was Cyclic Quadrilateral. taipon12 was the first one to solve the question, and nearly 8k other coders followed suit. Chess Match was another popular problem with its 7,200+ successful submissions and an accuracy rate of 84.97 percent. However, not everything was fun and games for the players as the problem Flappy Bird had them absolutely stumped. The problem saw only 12 correct answers, alongside an accuracy rate of 4.29 percent. 

A Few New Names In The Ranklist! 

It’s always nice to see new coders carving out a place for themselves in the world of competitive programming, and the best place to observe this is the CodeChef Starters ranklist. The star of this contest  was player redstar1 who clinched first position. In second place we had competitor redstar0, who was followed by wsyhb. All three of them started the contest as 1-star coders and ended it as 3-star ones. The fourth place was occupied by player vinodkri1 who gained 222 points in the competition and is now a 4-star player. Fifth position was secured by gazelka, and right on his tail was American lol_lapaat123. The number seven spot was secured by Chinese participant dczzzzzdc. The next three places were an all Indian deal as coders edward342, sumanthreddy07, and hst_123 secured the eighth, ninth, and tenth positions respectively. From gazelka to hst_123 everyone was able to level-up to 3-star coders after the contest. 

That’s all we’ve got on the recap side of things. If you’re looking for a little post-contest learning, we’ve got the video editorials for all the problems ready to view. 

Watch Video Editorials 

Overall, the June Starters was an amazing way to end the weekend and the month. We hope that we continue to have such electric contests. Until then, keep coding! 

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