CodeChef Announces New Prize Structure For Cook-Off & LunchTime

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Participating in CodeChef contests doesn’t come without goodies, be it the redeemable Laddus or the prospect of rating up. Now it gets even better! Here’s announcing new and exciting prizes you’re in line for with two of the most popular rated CodeChef contests you take part in – Cook-Off & LunchTime!

Prizes for the Indian Rank List 

  • Top ten Indian Division One coders to get Amazon Vouchers worth Rs. 3750 each. 
  • The rest in the top 100 get Amazon Vouchers worth Rs. 1500 each. 
  • First-time winners in Div 2 who make it to the top 200 for the first time get Amazon Vouchers worth Rs. 750 each. 
  • First-time winners in Div 3 players who make it to the top 200 for the first time get Amazon Vouchers worth Rs. 750 each.

Prizes for the Global Rank List:

  • Top 10 global Division One users will get $100 each. 
  • Non-Indians will receive the prize via money transfer to their account.
  • Indian users will receive Amazon vouchers for the amount converted in INR

The following are some notable terms & conditions:

  • Winners are required to respond to the email intimation of their prize within 30 days of receiving the email. The failure to do so will result in automatic cancellation of their claim to the prize
  • A winner is eligible for a prize in only one category per contest.
  • A first-time user, who wins the Rs. 750 once in Div-3, will be eligible to win again as a first-time winner in Div 2 if they are promoted to Div 2. 

What happens to the Laddus? 

There will be no Laddus for the Top 10 Global and Indian rank holders in CookOff as they’ll be paid in cash/voucher as prizes. 

However, everything else about our previous Laddu system for CookOff and LunchTime will continue without any change. To call out specifically, the top 10 school students in Div 1 of LunchTime will continue to get Laddus as well as the cash/Amazon vouchers as per the new system. 

Prizes for you, a mission for us 

With the new prize structure, we not only intend to reward the leading players but also acknowledge the efforts put in by those who want to make it to the top of the leaderboard, constantly improving and making a mark in their respective divisions. The top coders on CodeChef will be getting their prizes as usual but with the new prize structure, we intend to motivate the beginner-level competitive programmers (the first-time winners), to make the most of the platform. 

Please note that some countries are excluded from the new prize system due to legal restrictions. Please find the list of countries non-eligible for the prizes below: 

Albania, The Bahamas, Barbados, Botswana, Cambodia, Crimea, Cuba, Ghana, Iceland, Iran, Jamaica, Mauritius, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Sudan, Syria, Uganda, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

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    1. Brother, It’s depend person to person. If anyone wants to cheat, he will definitely cheat wheather he will buy solution for the same question or he will jump to youtube. I just want to say that please do your work in your own way and do not reduce the credibilty of codechef by typing these types of replies.

    1. Especially in long challenges. For few subscribers they give the solution on YouTube and they explain whole logic of problem. I think Codechef moderators should see these things and take action on them.

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