July Long Challenge 2021 | An Amazing Win For xry111

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The July Long Challenge came to its end yesterday, and we’re already missing that chaotic energy. The contest was rated only for Division Three, but the budding coders gave us plenty of action. Here’s a little recap of the contest to bring you up to speed with everything that went on these past 10 days.

The Delicious Problems! 

This contest was a tough one, as the participants were expected to get through ten tricky problems before the contest ended. Maximum Production was the most popular problem of this Division with nearly 22k successful submissions and an accuracy rate of 78.2 percent. Another much-loved problem was Relativity. Coder bharadwajsai_1 was the first player to solve the problem, and over 21,500 others followed suit. While the Division Three players usually get in plenty of correct answers for any problem, this time was a little different. Problems Chef and Pairs as well as Madoka and Ladder Decomposition must have been complex as they saw only 8 and 5 green ticks respectively. Even more confusing were problems Even Odd Partition and Dakimakura Distribution as both got merely 2 successful submissions. 

After the contest, we spoke to problem-setter Bharat Singla regarding his problem Chef vs Bharat, and asked him about his inspiration. 

“I personally admire the beauty of palindromic numbers, so I thought why not design a problem revolving around them? I listed the first few palindromes and found a pattern, which later became the core of the idea. I then added prefix sums and binary exponentiation to make it more educational. I’m quite happy to see the submission count and pleased that the contestants enjoyed the problem!”

An Exciting Ranklist! 

The Long Challenge duration gives us plenty of time to see comebacks and some cutthroat fights. That is exactly what this ranklist looked like, and after a long battle, it was coder xry111 who clinched the first position. Right behind him were coders dart_xeyter_2 and georgejsh who claimed places 2 and 3. All of these players managed to switch stars to 3, post the contest. On the number four spot, we had participant zggf who managed to jump stars from 2 to 4 credits to his stellar performance throughout the contest. Fifth place was occupied by Russian zorianka, and sixth place was taken up by maomao90. Both the players started the contest as 1-star players and ended it as 3-star ones. The seventh position was a tie between Indian coders kaido2501 and charlie101, and we’re happy to say that both of them are now 3-star players. The ninth place was a tie as well, with participants ilovemy_self and r13k scoring exactly 685 each. Mirroring the players before them, ilovemy_self and r13k managed to switch stars from 1 to 3 as well. 

That’s all the action that went on during the contest. If you happen to be looking for some post-contest learning, we’ve got our video editorials ready to go! 

Watch Video Editorials

This concludes our match report. This has been a great start to July, and we hope the rest of the month is just as delightful. Until the Cook-Off, keep coding! 

New Prizes For Short Contests 

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new prize structure for our monthly short contests, CookOff and LunchTime. With the new prize structure, we not only intend to reward the leading players but also acknowledge the efforts put in by those who are only starting out, constantly improving and making a mark in their respective divisions. Take a look at the new prizes.

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