Learn Competitive Programming With CodeChef | Weekly Roundup 5th – 11th July!

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Hiya there! Welcome back to another one of our piping hot recap of everything that has happened this last week in the world of Learn Competitive Programming With CodeChef program on Unacademy. There were free classes that helped you up your game, weekend events for all-round learning and so much more!! 

If this is your first round up blog, let us brief you with a little background information. You’ve arrived at our weekly roundup blogs where we talk about the free live class a.k.a Special Classes, weekend events, and test series on programming that are held on Unacademy! We’ve added a more thorough description of these classes at the end. For now, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite classes of the past week!  

What The Weekend Brought! 

Ascend 2.0 | July 10 & 11th 

Last weekend, we all went on the ride of our lives with Ascend 2.0. The 2-day long workshop took us right from the basics, to the ever-amazing world of Discrete Mathematics, and the art of up-solving. We also got to learn plenty on the What, When & Why of FAANG Interview Prep, along the way. Overall, this was a great learning opportunity for all 2 to 4-star coders. In case you missed out, and are regretting it, you can always catch up by viewing the recordings! 

A Platter Full Of Special Classes | 5th – 11th July 

Introduction To Data Structures – This was a class that absolutely every coder needed to be there for. Educator Umang Agrawal walked us through various types of Data Structures and discussed the importance of each one of them. It was a Hinglish session for beginners, and covered overviews of subjects like Arrays, Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists and more. If this sounds like a class that will do you good, you can watch the recording here

Problem-Solving With Arrays – In this session, Educator Sonia Motwani explained the prominent fundamentals of problem-solving. This Hinglish class aimed to guide attendees through methods like flowcharts and algorithms, and detailed how these unconventional methods are likely to help them. It was a beginner-friendly session, and you can check it out here

Interview Problems On Graphs – This was another class led by Educator Umang Agrawal. This time around, the Educator discussed the crucial problems that are most likely to crop up while you’re giving an interview. He began the session by talking out the problems with the learners and ended it with a healthy dose of practical problem-solving. The class was in Hinglish and was geared towards advanced coders. If this sounds like something up your street, you can catch the class here

Playing With Recursion – This class was the perfect amalgamation of theory and practical learning. Educator Chitrank Mishra gave us some important insights on Recursion, and explained exactly why the concept can cause peculiar doubts when not approached appropriately. Towards the second half of the session, learners got to solidify their understanding of the concept by solving a few problems. If you want to watch this class, you can head on over here

What is a Free Class (aka Special Class), and how can you attend one?

Free classes are called Special Classes and can be attended by anyone on the Unacademy Platform who registers and chooses Competitive Programming as their goal. To access these free classes, follow these steps – 

  1. Create an account on the Unacademy Learn Competitive Programming platform. To create an account, click on ‘Login’ on the top right side of the page and then ‘Create an Account’.
  2. If you are a mobile user, then please download the Unacademy Learner App: https://bit.ly/3sZlWwG
  3. Register on the Unacademy website/app today to check out the recordings of our past weekend labs & classes.

To access these classes on the Learn Competitive Programming With CodeChef category on the Unacademy platform, always remember to use the Access Code – CODECHEF. Feel free to mail us at learncp@codechef.com if you have any queries.

Well folks, that’s it for a recap of the past week. We’re sitting with fingers crossed this week is just as exciting, and when it’s over we’ll be back with our recap. Until then, let’s crack it. 

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