The 2 July Starters | A Weekend To Remember!

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This weekend was extra special because we had not one but two Starters! Both the contests came equipped with delectable problem-sets and some cut-throat competition. The back-to-back competitions also gave coders the opportunity to make some immediate improvements to their game, and check them out in an actual contest.  In case you missed either contest, here’s a recap of both to bring you up to speed. 

The Problems Of Both The Contests! 

The coders certainly seemed enthusiastic for the first Starters this month, a.k.a Starters 6,  as the competition got off to a blazing start. Division 3 was given 6 problems to solve, and the most popular out of all 6 was Cricket Ranking. The problem saw a lot of love, with nearly 7,000 successful submissions and a 53.67 percent accuracy rate. Another problem that received a lot of attention was Three Dices. Coder nav_1285 was the first to solve the problem and 6000+ others followed suit. Moving on to problems that weren’t so popular, we had Chef’s Homework Dilemma & Palindromic Number. Chef’s Homework Dilemma seemed to cause a dilemma for the player as well, because the problem got merely 31 accurate answers. At the same time, only 13 players cracked the code to Palindrome Number. 

Coming to the Starters 7, which happened on Sunday, the players were expected to solve 6 problems this time as well. The problem with most successful submissions ended up being Chess Format at nearly 8k correct answers. Another popular problem in this contest was the Food Chain. The problem saw over 7,000 green ticks alongside an accuracy rate of 73.18 percent. Talking tough problems for the Division, we had Maximum Possible Sweetness. The problem meant to calculate sweetness turned out to be quite bittersweet for the players, as we saw only 28 correct answers. A tougher problem was Odd Bits as only 2 players solved this one. 

The Ranklists Of Both The Contests! 

We saw some stunning sights in both the ranklists this time. Our winner for Starters 6 was first-time CodeChef contest participant, xtzic. He was followed by lilililil, a tech professional from Antarctica. The number three spot was claimed by Japanese coder ir_1st_vil, and in fourth and fifth places we had Russian coders hs90r and ayingna. All the players brought their absolute A-game to the contest, and we’re happy to say that they’ve all jumped stars from 1 to 3. 

Moving to Starters 7’s ranklist, this one was topped by Russian coder a16yy. On the second position, we had Indian player manish1_7, who was followed by compatriot someoneknow. The next place was also occupied by an Indian, as william12716 stormed into fourth place. All four of these participants showed some great skills and focus throughout the contest, and they’re all officially 3-star players. The fifth place was claimed by codedragon12. The Indian programmer collected 224 points in the contest and switched stars from 2 to 4!

The Learning From Both The Contests! 

Participating in two competitions over such a short span of time leaves every player with a huge scope for improvement. To help you with this, we’ve got the video editorials for both the contests ready to go! 

For Video Editorials of Starters 6, click here, and for Starters 7, click here

Well, coders, that’s all that we’ve got for you right now. With the Cook-Off and LunchTime both coming soon, we’ve got a hectic week ahead of us. We hope to see you participating and killing it at both the contests. Until then, keep coding!

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