July Cook-Off | Kevin Sun rules Division One!

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This Wednesday we had our July Cook-Off, and the contest was definitely worth the delay. We saw top-notch coding throughout the 2.5 hours, and now we’re here with a recap to help you relive the competition. Enjoy! 

An Unmatched Problem-Set!

This time around, our Division One coders had to wade through 7 problems to get to the number one position. The most popular out of all 7 problems was Chef In Infinite Plane with nearly 240 successful submissions and an 86.23 percent accuracy rate. Mod Equality was also a problem that the players seemed to enjoy. html_sanek was the first to solve it, and 230+ others followed suit. However, not all was fun and games for our champion Division as they had their fair share of tricky problems. A Special Tree 2 was solved by merely 4 participants, and Maximal GCD was even tougher, as just html_sanek cracked this code. 

Division Two was given 7 problems as well, and they certainly put the pedal to the metal. The most loved problem here was Chef and GCD. The problem was first solved by sabkabaaphall5 and 4.4k others mirrored the player. Chef In Infinite Plane made a reappearance in this Division as a popular problem, and this time it got nearly 4,200 accurate answers. Talking problems that had this Division perplexed, we had Hidden Colored Graphs and Make The Matrix Beautiful. While 43 coders solved Hidden Colored Graphs, only 6 walked away with the green tick for Make The Matrix Beautiful. 

Surprisingly enough, Division Three was tasked with solving 7 problems as well. However, the budding programmers rose to the challenge and didn’t disappoint. Shoe Fit was the unanimous favorite here with its 8200+ correct answers. Chef and GCD was a beloved problem here as well. The problem saw over 3.6k successful submissions with an accuracy rate of 15.11 percent. On the other end of the spectrum, the tough problems for this Division were Beautiful Subsequence and Hidden Colored Graphs. Beautiful Subsequence saw 21 green ticks alongside an accuracy rate of 4.77 percent. Meanwhile, only 15 players solved Hidden Colored Graphs. 

Ranklists That Came With Twists! 

This time’s ranklist for Division One was full of surprises. Canadian ksun48 took the title after a splendid performance. In second place we had html_sanek who, despite gaining 140 points in the contest, wasn’t able to switch stars from 6 to 7. The third place was occupied by maroonrk, and in a twist that stunned everyone, gennady.korotkevich came in 4th. Last but not least, the number five spot was clinched by Japanese coder natsugiri

Our winner for Division Two was fuppy. The coder started this contest as a 3-star player and ended it as a 4-star one. Right behind him, we had Indian karnikanay. The third and fourth places were occupied by kimiyuki and alek0618 respectively. All three players displayed astonishing skills throughout the competition, and have managed to jump stars from 4 to 5. The fifth spot was taken up by coder kakas7321 who gained 200+ points in the contest and is now a 4-star coder. 

Chinese coder sgcolin was crowned winner in Division Three. The player entered the competition as a 1-star coder and exited it as a 3-star one. The next three places were an all-Indian deal as participants gudday, nihal0002, and aphelion012 claimed the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th spots respectively. While gudday and aphelion012 switched stars from 2 to 3, nihal0002 one-upped them and jumped stars from 2 to 4. The number 5 spot for Division Three went to suzuken_w, who managed to level up to a 3-star coder credit to his performance in the contest. 

It’s Time To Learn! 

If you went away from this contest unable to solve a couple of problems, we’ve got you covered with our video editorials! We suggest you go through them in detail and come prepared for the next contest! 

Watch Video Editorials

Well, folks, that’s all we’ve got for you now. This was an amazing contest, and we hope that the July LunchTime is equally happening. Until then, keep coding! 

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