The Coding Colleges of July Cook-Off of 2021!

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This July Cook-Off was one exciting contest. We saw great competition all around, especially from our budding college coders. We thought of delving a bit deep to understand the competition, and we found some interesting stats. For a start, here’s a list of the top 10 colleges with the most participation! 

The First Five! 

Motilal Nehru National Institute of TechnologyFirst up we had the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad. There were 238 players participating from the University situated in UP, and we saw a grand total of 1709 submissions from here. The big shots of the institute were malice66 & bottomline2sky. While malice66 occupied the number 74 spot in Division One, bottomline2sky claimed place 100 in Division Three. 

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur – Next was the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. We witnessed 190 players get down to code from the campus of this IIT, and they managed to send in exactly 1404 submissions. The star coders of the institute were bhagwa_brigade who came in 83 in Division One, the__eagle who came in 91 in Division One, and nandi_temp who managed to claim 43rd place in Division Three. 

Lovely Professional University- The University with the third-most participation was the Lovely Professional University, with its 178 players. These players must have worked tirelessly throughout the contest because we saw a total of 1190 submissions from here. The top coders from this University were love_to_green & road_to_cm_2 who clinched places 82 and 85 in Division Three. 

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee – Next in line was another IIT. The Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee had 175 coders participating and we had about 1374 submissions from here. The IIT had coders in the top 50 of all three Divisions. dinesh_12345 was the best performer as he placed 40 in Division One. Coders mitsumuto and prashant321022 occupied places 10 & 22 in Division Two. Meanwhile, yaswanth122, and varunrustagi occupied the number 30 & 36 spots in Division Three. 

Delhi Technological University– After IIT Roorkee we had the Delhi Technological University with its 170 participants, and 1192 submissions. The best performer from here was undoubtedly jus_a_noob who claimed the 46th place in Division One. The other aces of this University were manas813 and kushal8601as both made their first top-50 entrance in Division Three. manas813 placed 46, and kushal8601 clinched the 50th position. 

The Colleges That Ranked 6-10!

Vellore Institute of Technology – The Vellore Institute of Technology was the one with the sixth-highest participation. We saw 164 coders enter the battlefield from this college, armed with a total of 1075 submissions. The stand-out coder from VIT was Anish aka moneyman123, who managed to crack the top 50, and placed 37 in Division Three. 

Sri Eshwar College of Engineering – Next up was the Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, with a total of 157 coders playing to win. The participants worked a great deal, and they managed to send in 869 submissions by the end of the contest. 

Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad – Right behind the Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, we had the Indian Institute of Technology Dhanbad. This IIT had exactly 151 coders partaking in the contest, and they sent in precisely 1058 submissions. The outstanding performers from this IIT were yash_daga & demonhue who claimed positions 29 in Division One & 23 in Division Two. 

The Netaji Subhas University Of Technology – The Netaji Subhas Universityof Technology came in hot with 144 participants who managed to accumulate 1121 submissions. harsh0911 was the standout performer as he managed to claim rank 127 in Division One.

Indian Institute of Technology, BHU – Last but not least in the list of our top 10 colleges, we had the Indian Institute of Technology, BHU. We saw a total of 139 players from the college, and they must have worked hard as they sent in 984 before the competition concluded. This institute’s stars were harirai17 & balasamanta. While harirai17 claimed place 51 in Division Two, balasamanta came in 55th in Division Three. 

That’s the list of the colleges that had the most participation in this July Cook-Off. Kudos to all the colleges for fostering such vibrant coding cultures, and to the coders for their amazing enthusiasm. If your institution didn’t make it to the top 10, we encourage you to spread the word about the July LunchTime to ensure a shout-out next time around. Till we meet again, keep coding! 

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