July LunchTime 2021 | Tourist Secures The Win!

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We ended July on an amazing high with LunchTime. The 3-hour long contest saw stunning problems for all three Divisions and coders who managed to solve every single one. To catch you up with every little happening of the contest, here’s a little recap! 

The Phenomenal Problem Platter! 

A short contest is always a ton of fun, credit to the fact that players are expected to solve multiple difficult problems in a small time frame, and this time was no different. Division One was given 5 problems to crack, and they got right to it. Longest Good Segment was the most solved problem here, with 113 successful submissions and a 28.18 percent accuracy rate. Another popular problem was Xor Separation as it received nearly 60 correct answers. The tougher problems of the Division included Ancient Magic and Matrix Permutation. While coders maroonrk & gennady.korotkevich managed to solve Ancient Magic, maksim1744 was the first and only to solve Matrix Permutation.  

Division Two was assigned 5 problems to solve as well, and they didn’t disappoint. Their favorite problem turned out to be Beautiful Pairs. mysteri0us was the first to solve the problem, and 3.3k others followed suit. Another problem that received a lot of attention was Array Rotation Returns as it got more than 2,000 successful submissions. Xor Separation made a reappearance in this Division, but this time it was far from popular. The problem got only 17 correct answers, with an accuracy rate of 1.06 percent. However, the toughest problem of the Division was Bad Luck with its 8 green ticks and 2.74 percent accuracy rate. 

Meanwhile, Division Three was tasked with solving 6 problems. Out of all 6, Chef and Spells turned out to be the most loved one with its 7,500+ successful submissions and 56.29 perfect accuracy rate. Another problem that received a lot of attention was Red Alert. Coder wa_on_pretest2 was the first one to solve the problem, and nearly 6,000 others mirrored them. The two most popular problems of Division One ended up being the least solved problems of Division Three. While Longest Good Segment was solved by 11 players, merely 3 were able to crack the code to Xor Separation. 

Drama In The Ranklist! 

The Division One ranklist was dominated by red as the entire top 5 was a list of 7-star coders. Gennady reclaimed his position at the top of this contest after a disappointing Cook-Off, and although the coder gained 80 points in the contest, he’s still a little below his all-time highest score. In the second place, we had Japanese coder maroonrk, who was followed by maksim1744. Making us all proud, we had Indian rahuldugar who clinched fourth place. The coder accumulated 106 points in the contest and is currently enjoying his all-time high score of 2758 points. Right behind rahuldugar was American coder geothermal occupying the number 5 spot.

Our winner for Division Two was heno239. The player gained 204 points from the competition and has managed to switch stars from 3 to 4. Second place was taken up by coder grumpy_gordan, and right on his tail was fuppy. Both players have successfully jumped stars from 4 to 5 post the contest. On the number 4 spot, we had North Korean redstar0 who entered the competition as a 3-star player and exited it as a 4-star one. Player kakas7321 successfully claimed 5th place as his own and managed to level up to a 5-star coder after the contest. 

Moving on to Division Three, coder gshgsh was the one who claimed the first position. Right behind him, we had coder notmee. On the number 3 spot, we had Ukranian coder wailydest. Following him was player monarchuwu. Last but not least, in fifth place, was Indian coder mananjbp. All five of these participants showed us some wonderful displays of skills throughout the competition, and we’re happy to say that they’ve all jumped stars from 1 to 3. We look forward to seeing them compete in more contests and keeping up this amazing performance. 

That’s all that went down during the July LunchTime. Now that the contest is done and dusted with, we think it’s time you got in a little bit of practice. We’ve got our video editorials ready and waiting for you. Enjoy!

Watch Video Editorials

Well, folks, that’s it for now. We hope that August is just as flawless as July was, and we’re waiting impatiently for the August Long Challenge. Until next time, keep coding!

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