The Coding Colleges Of The 2021 July LunchTime!

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This July LunchTime we saw plenty of participation from our amazing college coders. We dived deep into the statistics to see how exactly the competition went down, and here’s what we found. Enjoy. 

The Quintuple!

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology – Mirroring their feat in the July Cook-Off, the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology once more had the most number of participants. Nearly 2,000 coders participated in the contest, and they sent in a total of over 1.3k submissions. The top performers from here were malice66, adyyyy, and utr491. While malice66 claimed place 76 in Division One, utr491 and adyyyy placed 39 and Division Two. 

Sri Eshwar College of Engineering – The Sri Eshwar College of Engineering sent in 174 contestants who managed to submit a total of 784 solutions. The sole star of the college was manikandan_15 who occupied rank 191 in Division Three. 

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur – Next up we had the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Nearly 170 coders from the IIT took part in the contest, and the lot of them managed to send in 1.2k+ submissions. The top coder of the institute was the__eagle who claimed rank 34 in Division One. The rest of the prominent players from here were tiasmondal, haswanthvoonna and holmes71. tiasmondal and haswanthvoonna claimed positions 79 & 70 in Div One, while holmes71 came in at 37 in Div Two. 

Lovely Professional University – The college with the 4th highest number of participants was Lovely Professional University. 162 players entered the July LunchTime from LPU, and we saw a total of over 1,100 submissions from them. neelamharsh55 was the best performer of the college as he clinched the 87th position in Division Three. 

Vellore Institute of Technology – Next on our list is the Vellore Institute of Technology. Over 140 coders got down to code from this campus, and over the 3 hours they managed to send in 1000+ submissions. 

The Rest Of The Colleges! 

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee – Coming in at number 6 we had the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. The IIT saw 139 participants and over 850 code submissions. The stars of the institute were rahuldugar, mitsumuto, and dinesh_12345. rahuldugar placed 4th in Division One, and mitsumuto and dinesh_12345 claimed places 26 & 37 respectively. 

Indian Institute of Technology, BHU – Next was another IIT. The Indian Institute of Technology, BHU had 129 players in this LunchTime, and they collectively gave us 911 submissions. The aces of the institute were tyagivaibhav25 and rohiitian, both of whom claimed places 15 & 19 in Division Three. 

Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology – At 8th place we had the Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology. The institute had 125 coders competing in the contest, and they sent in a little over 900 submissions before the contest ended. The best players from here were bhavkirat49 and s_o_t_b. bhavkirat49 came in 54 in Division Three, while s_o_t_b was just a few places behind at 67. 

Delhi Technological University – Next up was the Delhi Technological University. We saw 122 coders partake in the contest from this campus, and they absolutely killed it with a total of 805 submissions. The shining stars of the university were jus_a_noob, coder_pulkit_c, and tourist99. jus_a_noob and coder_pulkit_c claimed positions 51 & 55 in Division One, while tourist99 placed 26 in Division Two. 

Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad – Last but not the least was the Indian Institute of Technology Dhanbad. 121 coders participated in the contest from this IIT and they managed a total of 805 submissions as well. The toppers of the institute were hritikraj31, ajay_pal_11 and abhidot. hritikraj31 and ajay_pal_11 came in 29th and 44th in Division Two, and abhidot occupied spot number 47 in Division One. 

That’s our list of the top 10 colleges of the July LunchTime. It’s truly heartening to see the thriving coding cultures within all these colleges. A big shout out to the institutes and the students for their undying enthusiasm. If your institute missed out on a top 10 spot this time around, we encourage you to rally your fellow students in time for the August Long Challenge. Until then, keep coding!

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