August Long Challenge 2021| 10 Days Of Intense Coding!

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The August Long Challenge came to an end this Monday, and there is a lot to catch up on. The intense 10 days saw some great problems and competition that left everyone stunned. Without any further ado, here’s a recap of the entire contest! 

A Problem-Set Designed To Amaze! 

During these 10 days, our coders were expected to solve 10 problems. They rose to the challenge, and we saw a total of 2,40,000+ submissions from them. The most loved problem of the lot was Olympics Ranking. Participant a16yy was the first to crack the code to the problem, and over 25k others mirrored them. Another popular problem was Problem Difficulties with nearly 18,000 successful submissions and a 27.02 percent accuracy rate. Coming to the other end of the spectrum, our budding coders struggled with problems  Chef and Digits of Large Numbers & Alternating LG Queries. 29 coders were able to solve Chef and Digits of Large Numbers and merely 3 walked away with a green tick for Alternating LG Queries. 

After the contest, we spoke to Abhishek Verma, Problem-Setter of Chef and Digits of Large Numbers, about his inspiration for the project problem. 

“Well, I started finding and solving all digit DP related problems that I could find from anywhere, be it CodeChef, codeforces, codeforces blogs and after solving too many problems and reading blogs, I figured out that the number of distinct products of digits is very less in number.

Like if we consider a 24 digit number, the digit product can be as high as 9^23, but the number of distinct products is bounded by the number 105625. After a healthy discussion with CodeChef problem Admin Legendary grandmaster Um_nik sir, I got to know the number of the distinct product of digits is actually ((L+1)(L+2)/2)^2 where L is the number of digits in that number. Um_nik sir refined the problem and it became the problem it is now”. 

Ranklist That Amazed! 

The Division Three rank list for this Long Challenge was certainly a sight as we saw a whole lot of ties. Coders vaaven and rns_kwg both claimed first place after their epic battle. While vaaven managed to jump stars from 1 to 3, rns_kwg used the contest to switch stars from 2 to 4. The next spot was a tie once again as participants ivanz and onloglogn shared third position. While ivanz gained 204 points from the competition and jumped stars from 1 to 4, onloglogn started the contest as a 1-star player and ended it as a 3-star one. The number 5 spot was a 19-way tie between Indian coders. All of them gave splendid performances and to find out who they are, you can check out the rank list here

That draws an end to the match report. If you were there at the August Long Challenge and struggled with a couple of problems, you can watch our video editorials to learn! 

Watch Video Editorials

Well, folks, that’s all we’ve got for you now. This was a great start to the month and we can’t wait to see more such cutthroat competition. Until then, keep coding! 

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