August Starters 2021 | Two Down, One To Go!

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The first two of our three August Starters, i.e, Starters 8 and 9 have ended, and they were contests that left us all reeling. We had some stunning problems and competitive coders that complimented them perfectly. Here’s a recap to help you relive that vibe! 

Problem-Sets That Everyone Loved! 

For the first Starters, the budding coders of Division Three were given 6 problems to solve. The most popular problem was Penalty Shots with its 4250+ successful submissions. Another problem that was showered with a lot of attention was Javelin Qualification. haunted_cpp was the first person to crack this code, and over 2000 others followed suit. Coming to the tougher problems of the Division, we had Closet Power & Cinema Ticketing Queue and an accuracy rate of 7.45 percent. Meanwhile, Cinema Ticketing Queue saw a total of merely 4 green ticks. 

Moving on to Starters 9, even here the coders were given 6 problems to wade through. The problem that acted as a bandwagon for this contest was Black cells in a chessboard. pranav108 was the first player to solve this problem, and 7,750+ others mirrored the feat. Another problem the coders must have enjoyed was Large Square. The problem saw nearly 6.5k successful submissions, with an accuracy rate of 58.2 percent. On the other hand, the complex problems for the Division included Fibonacci concatenation & India Fights Corona. Fibonacci concatenation saw 29 correct answers, with a meager accuracy rate of 2.24 percent. India Fights Corona was even worse off as only 26 players solved this problem. 

What The Ranklists Brought! 

The first Starters was ruled by coder playf. Right behind him was Chinese player emofunc. Both the participants started the contest as 1-star players and ended it as 3-star ones. Next up was ivanz who jumped stars from 1 to 4 credit to his stellar performance throughout the competition. In fourth place, we had Portuguese coder haunted_cpp. haunted_cpp gained 205 points during the contest and is now a 3-star player. On the number 5 spot, we had infinitevoid, who despite accumulating 165 points from the contest, was unable to switch stars. 

Meanwhile, the star performer of the second Starters was xtq258. Next in line was coder toxinity. In third place, we had Indian player shreya3. She was followed by compatriot satyendra18. In fifth place, we had Vietnamese participant hhoangcpascal. All five of these coders showed some serious grit and skills throughout the competition. We’re happy to say that they’ve all leveled-up, and are now 3-star players! 

Well, that brings an end to the match report. If you were there at the Starters but missed solving a couple of problems, you can watch our video editorials

This is all we’ve got for you now. We hope that the rest of the August contests are just as exciting and lively as the first three. Until next time, keep coding! 

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