August Cook-Off 2021 | maroonrk Rules Division One!

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The August Cook-Off is over, and we’re already missing the action that went down in the contest. From crafty competitors to a phenomenal problem-set, the competition really had it all. Here’s a little recap of the entire event to bring you up to speed. 

The Platter Of Problems

The Division One players had their hands full this time as they were expected to solve 7 problems in the 3 hours. The most popular problem amongst the pros was undoubtedly Different String. The problem got 211 correct answers, and an 82.81 percent accuracy rate. Another problem that had Division One hooked was Clear the Array. noimi was the first to solve it, and nearly 200 others followed suit. On the other hand, the problems that left our ace codera scratching their heads were Construct a String and Maximum Tree Jumps. While 5 players solved Construct a String, only 3 walked away with the green tick for Maximum Tree Jumps. 

Our Division Two coders were expected to work through 7 problems as well. The crowd-favorite here was Equal Difference. mike4235 was the very first player to crack this code, and over 3.4k mirrored them. Different String made a reappearance as a popular problem in this Division. This time around it got 3,100+ successful submissions, alongside an accuracy rate of 49.66 percent. A problem that must have had the Division Two coders confused was Interactive Equivalency as it only saw 22 correct answers. However, it was problem Chef 2 Chef that had the players stumped as it received merely 4 green ticks. 

Meanwhile, the Division Three players seemed to have it a little tougher, as they were expected to solve 8 problems. Which Division was the most popular problem here, with nearly 6k successful submissions. Problem Equal Difference saw a lot of love here as well, with its 2.3k correct answers and 32.65 percent accuracy rate. On the other end of the spectrum, the 2 problems that had our Division Three coders perplexed were Odd Array and Interactive Equivalency. pookash was the first coder to figure out Odd Array, and only 31 others were able to mirror the feat. However, it was Interactive Equivalency that proved impossibly tough, as only 3 participants cracked this code. 

The Fascinating Ranklists! 

The Division One ranklist for this contest was covered in red as the entire top 5 consisted of 7-star coders. The first place was clinched by Japanese player maroonrk. He was followed by compatriot risujiroh. On the third position we had coder progmatic. Next up was American neal. Last but not least we had Canadian ksun48 clinching 5th place. 

Coder felizard was the one crowned the winner in Division Two. He was followed by pookash. On the number 3 spot we had Russian merkurev. Next up was bgrm, and close behind him was alexey.subach. All the 5 players wowed us with their skill, approach and determination throughout the contest, and we’re happy to say while they all started the contest as 4-star players, every single one of them ended it as a 5-star one. 

Our winner for Division Three was ich11. Right on his tail was Indian coder quantumshift. Both of them successfully managed to level-up to 3-star coders post the contest. On the number three spot, we had hunter_12412. The coder gained 177 points during the contest and is now a 2-star player. The fourth place was occupied by Indian ereh, and in the fifth position we had coder anish_bashyal. Both the players gave a stellar performance and credit that they were able to jump stars from 1 to 3 after the competition. 

That’s all that we have for you as exciting details of the contest. If you participated in the Cook-Off but missed out on a top spot because you couldn’t solve a problem, we suggest watching our video editorials to improve your skills! 

Watch Video Editorials

That brings an end to this match report. It’s been a fantastic weekend, and we hope the next one will be the same. Until we meet again, keep coding! 

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