August LunchTime 2021 | Kevin Sun Reclaims Glory

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The August LunchTime was certainly a great way to end the month. The competition saw coders with some stunning skills attempt an amazing problem-set, and all that meant plenty of action for us. Here’s a small recap to relive the contest. 

The Platter Of Problems! 

For this LunchTime, our Division One aces were tasked with solving 7 problems in 3 hours. The problem that was the most solved amongst the 7 was Just A Graph with its 253 successful submissions and 84.62 percent accuracy rate. Another problem that caught the attention of the players here was Bunny Hops. grumpy_gordon  was the first one to solve the problem, and 130+ others followed suit. For the tough problems of the Division, we had ABCD and Sum of Areas. While 6 participants cracked the code to ABCD, only nyaan walked away with a green tick for Sum of Areas. 

While Division One battled 7 problems, Division Two was expected to solve 8. The most loved problem here was K-th Maximum. The problem got 4.1k+ correct answers and an accuracy rate of 34.4 percent. Just A Graph made a reappearance in this Division as a popular problem, and this time it saw 3,600 successful submissions. On the other hand, Min-Max Path was a problem that had the coders stumped. The problem saw merely 2 correct answers with an 8 percent accuracy rate. This time around, Division Two was also burdened with an unsolved problem as no one here was able to figure out ABCD. 

At the same time, Division Three was assigned 8 problems to solve as well. The budding coders here absolutely aced the problem Programming Languages as it saw 7,500+ accurate answers. One more problem that figured out pretty well was  Maximum Length Even Subarray. This project problem received over 6.4k successful submissions, alongside an accuracy rate of 37.94 percent. Bunny Hops made a reappearance in this Division, but this time around it didn’t receive a lot of attention, with only 5 players solving the problem. Even trickier was Longest Spanning Substring. be_dos was the first one to solve this problem, and only 2 others mirrored the feat. 

Ranklists That Amazed! 

This LunchTime saw some exciting battles in Division One, and in the end, it was Canadian ksun48 who clinched first place. Right behind him was coder dario3994 who used this contest to switch stars from 6 to 7. In third place, we had Japanese coder ssrs, who gained 155 points in the competition and is now a 6-star coder. He was followed by 7-star compatriot noimi. On the number 5 spot, we had participant grumpy_gordon, who managed to jump stars from 5 to 6 credit to his stellar performance. 

The ace of Division Two was ich11. The coder gained 204 in the contest and is now a 4-star player. Next up we had participant mtsd who managed to switch stars to 5 post the competition. The third place was occupied by bk6aren. In the number four spot, we had atodo, followed by minhcool. All the three players started the contest as 3-star coders and ended it as 4-star ones. 

Our winner for Division Three was Russian coder be_dos. He was followed by compatriot ormlis. The third place was claimed by willthebill. On the number four position we had coder vladden, and close behind him was Indian wall_of_fire. All 5 budding coders had us hooked throughout the three hours with their skills, and we’re happy to say that they’ve all leveled up to 3-star players post the competition!

That’s all that went on during this August LunchTime. If you’re looking for a little post-contest learning, we’ve got our video editorials prepped and ready to go! 

Watch Video Editorials

Well folks, this brings an end to our match report. We hope that September is just as great as August was. Until then, keep coding!

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