The August Starters Came With A Twist!

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To say that the Starters 10 held this weekend was exciting would be an understatement. This time around, the contest was rated for Division Two as well as Division Three, and that meant we got to enjoy 2 thrilling ranklists. Here’s a recap of the contest! 

A Problem-Set Designed To Stun! 

For their maiden rated Starters, the Division Two coders were expected to solve 6 problems. Their favorite out of these turned out to be Maximise The Subsequence Sum with its 3.5k+ successful submissions. Another problem that got a lot of attention here was Remove One Element. The problem received 2759 correct answers and an 18.88 percent accuracy rate. However, not all was fun and games for the Division, as they had to deal with their fair share of tough problems. Only 9 players were able to crack the code to Chef and Professor. Even tougher to solve was Tree Distance Sum. abc864197532 was the first person to figure out the problem, and only 3 others mirrored the accomplishment. 

Meanwhile, Division Three was given 7 problems to play around with. The problem that played the role of band-wagon here was Hardest Problem Bet. kcotas2111 was the first player to solve the problem, and over 6,500 others followed suit. Another problem that fared well here was Odd Repeat with its 5k+ accurate answers. Talking tough problems for this Division, we had Grid Path and Chef and Professor. While 3 coders were able to solve Grid Path, only 1 walked away with the green tick for Chef and Professor. 

What The Ranklists Brought! 

This contest around, our winner for Division Two was coder bk6aren. He was followed by ich11, who in turn was followed by Indian f20180236g. All the three coders started the contest as 4-star players and ended it as 5-star ones. The number four spot was claimed by Danish participant willthebill, who gained 207 points in the contest and is now a 4-star player. Last but not least, fifth place was occupied by Indian nopenope who used the competition to jump stars from 4 to 5. 

The coder who clinched first place in Division Three was abc864197532 (quite a mouthful, huh?). Next up we had nikatamliani. The third position was taken up by ivanali. The fourth and fifth spots were occupied by Indian players tsentop and adsaasdsdada respectively. All five participants gave it their all during the competition, and credit to their skills and performance, they’ve all leveled up to 3-star coders post the contest!

That’s all the coding action we saw this Starters. If you missed out on a top spot by an inch, and are looking for ways to improve, we’ve already served our video editorials! 

Watch Video Editorials

Well, folks, this brings an end to the match report. It’s been a great contest and we can’t wait for more like it. Till next time, keep coding!

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