Guess What, SnackDown Is Back!

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For football fans, there’s the English Premier League. For fans of wrestling, there’s Wrestlemania. For us, you guessed it, it’s SnackDown! The biggest programming contest of India, and one of the most popular in the world, SnackDown is making its way back to the programming world this month, and it’s going to be bigger than ever. 

Many of you may have already guessed, but there are still a few things you don’t know. For instance, we bet you didn’t know that SnackDown 2021 is going to be an individual contest and not a team game as it has been in the past. That’s right, we had to make a few adjustments because of the pandemic, but we made sure the event lives up to the anticipation. Curious? 

What, When, Where?

Registrations will be open in the coming days. The Online Qualifier Round will be from Oct 15th till the 19th. Online Round 1A will be held between 21st – 23rd October, and Online Round 1B will be held between 29th to 31st October. Online Pre-elimination will be on 21st November, and Online Elimination will be on 5th December. The Online Finale is scheduled to be held during the early weeks of 2022. 

Biggest Contest, Grandest Prizes

That’s right, SnackDown 2021 brings with itself a huge cash prize for the coding crown prince/princess, along with grand prizes for runners-up up to 25th position. Impressive, right? Nope, that’s not half of it. There are multiple categories in which you can win prizes such as top school level performers, top female performers, top Indian performers, and more. In other words, you could be eying for the first prize, but in case you miss, there’s still a whole lot of booty to gain.

All that, and the glory that comes with it! 

To say that we’re elated to bring back SnackDown this year would be an understatement.
We’re sure you share the emotion with us. No matter who you are, where you are, if you’re a coder at heart, you will code your heart out, this SnackDown. 

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