SnackDown Is Back, And It’s Bigger and Better!

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As promised, the big reveal was yesterday, September 1st. Yes! SnackDown is making its way back to the programming world this month, and it’s going to be bigger than ever.

Now, it is time for further revelations. 

The Big SnackDown 2021 Change

Many guessed the event right, but none would have gotten this one correct. The most important of all is that SnackDown 2021 unlike its predecessors will be an individual-participant competition. In short, it will not be a team contest. However, please do note, this change is only for this year, or let us say till the pandemic continues. Next year, we hope to be back as a team challenge. 

Why this change? 

With the current restrictions of maintaining social distancing, we deemed it imprudent to conduct the contest in a team setup. While we feel that team collaboration makes SnackDown a unique event, we believe it’s safer not to risk the health and safety of our participants. We will revert to team-based competition in the next iteration of SnackDown.

What, When, Where of SnackDown 2021

Registrations are open and will be closed on October 19th. The schedule is given below:

  • The first Online Qualifier Round will be from Oct 15th till the 19th. 
  • Online Qualifier Round 1A will be held between 21st – 23rd October, and, 
  • Online Qualifier Round 1B will be held between 29th to 31st October. 
  • Online Pre-elimination will be on 21st November, and,
  • Online Elimination will be on 5th December. 
  • The Online Finale is scheduled to be held on 9th January 2022. 

Biggest Contest, Grandest Prizes

Well, let’s talk prizes now. 

SnackDown 2021 brings with itself a huge cash prize for the Champion, along with grand prizes for runners-up up to 25th position. 

Impressive, right? 

Nope, that’s not half of it. There are multiple categories in which you can win prizes. A few of them are Top Indian performers, top female performers, top school students, and the list goes on. Let’s now take a look at the detailed prize structure. 

  • 1st Prize – $10000 + Gold Trophy
  • 2nd Prize – $7500 + Silver Trophy
  • 3rd Prize – $ 5000 + Bronze Trophy
  • 4th to 25th Prize – $ 500 
  • Top Indian Performer (within top 20) – $ 2000
  • Second Best Indian Performer (within top 20) – $ 1000 
  • 3rd to 10th rank Indians (within top 20) – $ 250
  • Top School Student (solved atleast two problems)- $ 500
  • Second Best School Student (solved atleast two problems)- $ 250 
  • Top Female Performer (solved atleast two problems) – $ 500
  • Second Best Female Performer (solved atleast two problems) – $ 250
  • Top School Student (Indian) (solved atleast two problems) – $ 250
  • Top Female Performer (Indian) (solved atleast two problems) – $ 250 

All that, and the glory that comes with it! 

No Rank, No Reward? Wrong! You Can Still Win Goodies 

We have also launched the SnackDown Representative Program (SRP) that lets anyone step up and introduce SnackDown 2021 to their institution/organization to get maximum participation from their circle. They will be the face of the prestigious competition in their institution.  Their duties are momentous, but the rewards are bountiful. Register for SnackDown 2021, and then check the Referral page for the SRP process. Now let’s look at the SRP rewards. 

Global Institution/Organization representatives of SnackDown 2021 are eligible to win cash prizes up to $400, whereas Indian Institution/Organization representatives of SnackDown 2021 are eligible to win cash prizes up to Rs 17,000. In addition, our Reps also stand a chance to win some exclusive and fabulous SnackDown merchandise. 

Remember, your referrals should use your referral code and should be from your institution only.  They should mention the institution name clearly when they register for SnackDown 2021. To become a SnackDown Representative, apply here.

If the SRP program sounds like too much work, you can also refer your coding friends from anywhere, and still win some rewards. Your unique referral code will be available to you as soon as you register for SnackDown 2021. It will be accessible anytime on the Referral page as well. 

Remember, your friends should register using your referral code only. 

Do you wish to step your game before the big contest? 

We have put together Practice Contests & Learning Resources to warm you up for SnackDown 2021. No matter what level of expertise you are, we have something for you. Take A look.                                                          

Practice Contest Beginners

Practice Contest Advanced

If you think it is too early to enter into a practice contest, then join our YouTube channel for the SnackDown specific preparatory series. In addition to this, we also have a lot of DSA & Contest specific video resources & live sessions for you.

To say that we’re elated to bring back SnackDown this year would be an understatement.

Let’s take a small trip down memory lane, and get ready for SnackDown 2021:

 We’re sure you share the emotion with us. No matter who you are, where you are, if you’re a coder at heart, you will code your heart out, this SnackDown. 

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