Ada August-a Challenge | A new feature is up!

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August has come to an end and was super quick, fun and eventful! But there was something special about the month as well. We had an exclusive one-month long challenge, Ada August-a Challenge. So, here’s a quick recap of the challenge!

So, What Is Ada August-a Challenge?

Ada August-a challenge is a practice contest in memory of Augusta Ada King. Quite a coincidence with the month, that is! Augusta Ada King, also known as Countess Lovelace, was a mathematician, writer, and most importantly, the first computer programmer! So the main objective of this challenge was to introduce the beauty of programming to beginners. This contest had no rank list or competition, and the only aim was to promote and encourage more people to learn and practice coding. If someone couldn’t solve a question, we encouraged them to take help from others or refer to one of the existing editorials and then try out the question. In the end, all that mattered in this contest was that you challenge yourselves, learn new concepts with each question, and overcome the fear of participating in a coding competition. 

Here’s How It Went!

On every alternate day, we released a new problem for the coders to take on and solve. A total of fourteen questions, each handpicked and chosen exclusively by our experts, were open to all to solve. The first question, ‘Chef, ID & the Ship,’ is one of the easiest in our FLOW series and was solved by almost everyone. But the Chef wasn’t so easy on everyone, and the complexity of the questions increased gradually. A total of more than 6.6k submissions were recorded for the fourteen questions. In case if you missed out on the Ada August-a challenge, fret not; we have got you covered. Here’s the compiled list of all the problems that were covered in the challenge. If you are a newbie in Competitive Programming, then you should definitely try these questions out. 

Video Editorials

The challenge has come to an end, but you can still learn. The Video Editorials for all the questions are out. Using this learning resource, you can understand each concept in-depth, and also solve the questions simultaneously.  

A New Feature

There might have been a time when you were trying to solve a question and got stuck. Our first instinct would be to search for explanatory videos. To make it easier for you to search for video editorials, we have added a new unique feature- a toggle button! With this toggle button, you can easily find questions that have a video editorial as well. 

Well, folks, that’s all for this time. Until next time, this is Ganga signing off.

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