Top Coding Colleges Of The September Long Challenge!

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The September Long Challenge was an amazing contest, and it both left us wanting for more. The budding college coders stood out in the contest, and we’ve got a blog ready to see what college did best! Here’s a list of the top 4 colleges from the September Long Challenge 

K L University – K L University of Andhra Pradesh had the highest number of participation as 927 coders from here sent in 4.1k submissions over the contest. Coders sidv0910, so7_190031126, prabhu_0001122, jogidheeraj, shiva1904, and h_2010030168 from here tied for the 69th place in Division Two, making them the best performers from their college. 

Lovely Professional University (LPU) – Next up we had LPU. Nearly 400 people from the University participated in the contest, and together they managed to send in a stunning 3.5k+ submissions. The stars of the institution were sulekh7, and gaurav_1100. sulekh7 secured the 42nd rank in Division Two, while gaurav_1100 came in 46th in Division Three. 

Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore– On third place we had the Vellore Institute of Technology which saw nearly 350 players and more than 3,300 submissions spread over the contest. The aces of the Long Challenge for this university were coders alwr8, self_created, ayushman_25, and shailtp. alwr8 placed 42nd in Division 2, as the rest tied for 46th place in Division Three. 

Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology– Right behind the Vellore Institute of Technology we had the Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. The institution had 345 players and around 3.2k submissions at the end of the competition. The best performances the institute saw in the Long Challenge were put up by players prasoon_2002 who claimed position 42 in Division Two, and shouraya7, and jassi_1110 who secured rank 46 in Division Three.

The consistent and determined efforts of our college coders over the 10 days of the Long Challenge have been fascinating to watch, and we hope that we continue seeing such amazing efforts from them in the future. Till we see you again, keep coding! 

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