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Twelve years ago, CodeChef boarded on a challenging yet rewarding journey to elevate the programming culture of India. The idea was to nurture a programming culture among Indian students and eventually change how they think about coding. This culture would hone their skill as coders and improve their problem-solving skills. We wanted to make learning to code go much beyond theoretical knowledge with programming contests, workshops, interactive sessions, mentorships, and competitions. Any practical learning becomes fun and engaging when done in a group. Thus the idea of College Chapters was born.

What are CodeChef College Chapters?

CodeChef College Chapters are the programming clubs run and maintained by the official Chapter Leaders and mentored by CodeChef. The mission of CodeChef College Chapters is to build a robust Competitive Programming culture in educational institutions. This pushes everyone to give their best and create a culture of learning.

How far did we get?📈

Our previous cohort, which ran from November 2020 to July 2021, was active and genuinely showcased their passion for spreading knowledge about Competitive Programming in their chapters. With around 280+ College Chapters, you’ll be amazed to see the impressive stats of the Chapter Engagement. Hosting 340+ Contests, 145+ Seminars, 140+ Speaker Sessions, 165+ Workshops, the Chapter leaders have delivered an exceptional performance throughout the cohort. 

The success of an event is judged by the number of people who participate and enjoy taking part in it. Proving this, some Chapters collaborated and went that extra mile to conduct an event with more than 5500 participants!

Why Competitive Programming? 🤔

Competitive programming is arguably one of the most effective tools in a programmer’s arsenal. As a computer science graduate, it is vital to possess skills such as solving complicated problems, working in stressful situations, managing time, meeting deadlines, and minimising errors. Learning and taking part in programming contests make you more disciplined, focused and improves your problem-solving skills.

Why join a Competitive Programming Community? 🤔

You might be wondering, why have a Competitive Programming culture? Why have a Community? If one wants to outshine and progress as a programmer, I can’t over-emphasize the benefits of being a part of a community that strives to learn from each other. Competitive programming is not just a way to prepare for a battle to have the shiniest highlight on your resume. What’s even more fun is tutoring learners to hone their skills, compete in contests and grow together. Having a community that aspires to achieve these is a way to turn a story into triumph.

Why become a CodeChef Chapter Leader?📣

As a CodeChef Chapter Leader, you get the opportunity to be the face of CodeChef – A global programming platform with a community of 2.2 million+ programmers. Being a part of a broader global community, you will get an opportunity to interact with diverse CodeChef verticals and Chapter Leaders from different colleges across the country.

You receive training and exposure to build a strong programming community in your college. You get the opportunity to improve your communication skills, leadership and programming skills while studying at your university. You will also be eligible for winning appreciation certificates, rewards and goodies.

What is next for us?

The year 2020-2021 was a thrilling deal for all our College Chapters. We’re currently spread over more than 282+ colleges across India. We are hoping to see your college in our Chapters list as well. It is not out of the ordinary to start a CodeChef College Chapter, and we suppose you don’t work at being ordinary. So, head over to CodeChef College Chapter and get started with your chapter!!!🙌

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