September Cook-Off 2021 | Gennady Reigns Supreme!

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The September Cook-Off had just ended, and we enjoyed the contest thoroughly. It was the first rated for all contests we’ve had in a while, and we loved having all the ranklists. Here’s a little recap of the match to bring you up to speed! 

The Problem Platter! 

For their first rated contest of September, Division One was given 7 problems to solve. The players here absolutely adored problems Fake Swaps and Chef and Pairwise Distance. While 223 coders solved Fake Swaps, 174 figured out the answer to Chef and Pairwise Distance. Coming to the stricter problems from the set, we had Strange Queries. The problem saw merely five correct answers and a 6.12 per cent accuracy rate. One Pile was even more challenging than this, as only two players cracked the code to this problem. 

Like their counterpart, Division Two battled with seven problems as well. Here the problems that played the part of a good cop were Adjacency Hatred & Zebra Crossing. Adjacency Hatred saw 3.2k+ successful submissions and an accuracy rate of 40.43 per cent. Zebra Crossing was just as popular with nearly 3,000 correct answers. The bad cops of the Division were problems Chess Kings Chasing Game and Permutation and GCD Set. Seven coders solved Chess Kings Chasing Game, and only two were able to figure out Permutation and GCD Set. 

The problem set for Division Three came equipped with eight problems. The most loved problem here was Cars and Bikes, with its 6,700+ successful submissions. Also showered with a lot of attention was Fake GCD. The problem saw over 4.4k correct answers and an accuracy rate of 67.86 per cent. On the other end of the spectrum, the complex problems of the Division included Half Sequence and Chess Kings Chasing Game. 5 players cracked Half Sequence, while in its reappearance, Chess Kings Chasing Game saw only one green tick. 

The Three Ranklists! 

The Division One ranklist was full of red as 4 of the top 5 were 7-star coders. gennady.korotkevich claimed first place, with maroonrk right behind him. Third place went to ksun48, who was followed by lyrically. mister claimed fifth place and, in doing so, managed to jump stars from 6 to 7! 

Our winner for Division Two was Japanese coder snuke. In the second place, we had lip_arcanjo, who was followed by wakeuplate. All three players used this contest to switch stars from 3 to 4. On the number four was spot imbr92, who started this competition as a 4-star player and ended it as a 5-star one. Last but not least, as had jeevanjyot, who gained 185 points in the contest and is now a 4-star player. 

Division Three was ruled by kevinyang. Right on his tail was fangahawk, who in turn was followed by ov3r_flow. The fourth and fifth places were claimed by aakashshri2010 and sparsh2002. All the players gave us a stunning display, and we’re happy to say that they’ve all levelled up to 3-star players post the contest. 

That’s all that went on in the contest if a couple of problems in the competition had you tricked, head over to our video editorials to learn! 

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Well, folks, that brings an end to the match report. This was a great contest, and we can’t wait for more like it. Until next time, keep coding!

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