The Second September Starters Didn’t Disappoint!

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Starters 12 put up quite a show last night, and here’s us bringing you the whole lowdown. From a stunning ranklist to an equally skillfully crafted problem-set, here’s all you need to know about the competition. 

The Phenomenal Problems! 

In this contest, the budding coders of Division Three were tasked with solving six problems for the revered number one spot. Out of the six, the problem that had every coder hooked was Good Weather. Over the 3 hours, 8.1k+ players managed to figure out the problem. Another problem that snagged the coders’ attention was Make It Divisible. Player sumit_kp was the first one to solve it, and over 5,000 others followed suit. The only problem that our Division Three players had trouble solving was The Minimum Game. Despite everyone’s best efforts, only ten players walked away with a green tick for the problem. 

A Thrilling Ranklist! 

Our chart-topper for this competition was Russian coder dmitrygrigorev. Right behind him was rgnerdplayer. In the number three spot, we had Japanese participant itohdak. itohdak was followed by kaildls, who in turn was followed by ahmed_alansary. All the five players gave terrific performances that had us staring at our screens throughout the contest, and we’re delighted to say they’ve all managed to switch stars from 1 to 3 credit to their stellar skills! 

That’s all the exciting happenings of the contest. If you were there at Starters 12 but couldn’t get past a problem, we think our video editorials will be of help. 

Watch Video Editorials 

Well, folks, that’s it for now. September has been an exciting month so far, and we still have three contests to go! We hope to see you coding away to glory at all 3. Until next time, keep coding! 

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