September Starters 13 | denisson For The Win In Division Two!

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This Sunday, we had our third Starters of the month, i.e., Starters 13. The contest was rated for Division Two and Division Three, which meant we got to see double the usual action! Here’s a recap of the contest for you. 

The Problem Platter! 

This Starters, Division Two was given six problems to wade through for the win. The most loved problem here was Chef In Vaccination Queue, with its 3.5k+ successful submissions and 91.65 percent accuracy rate. Another problem that caught the eye of the coders here was Magical Doors, as it received 3450 correct answers. During this competition, the only problem that seemed to have baffled the coders of Division Two was Interesting Pairs. denisson was the first only to solve Interesting Pairs, and 20 others followed suit. 

Meanwhile, Division Three was hard at work solving the seven problems they were tasked with. The players here absolutely enjoyed problems The Preparation and Chef In Vaccination Queue. While The Preparation saw nearly 6k accurate answers, Chef In Vaccination Queue received over 5,300 green ticks. One of the challenging problems of the Division was Make That Array! as it saw merely 23 successful submissions. Interesting Pairs made a reappearance in this Division as a complex problem, and this time around, it got merely three correct answers. 

The Action-Packed Ranklists! 

After an intense competition, our victor for Division Two was denisson. The coder 195 points during the contest and switched stars from 3 to 4! The following four places were an all-Indian deal as players dani_dino, pedastrian_57, yuki726, and itachi302202 claimed positions 2 to 5. All four of these participants started the contest as 3-star players and ended it as 4-star ones! 

Meanwhile, coder ape_ki_fake_id took home the win in Division Three. The player used their performance in the contest to jump stars from 2 to 4! Next up was shadow_light. shadow_light was followed by ketatas, who in turn was followed by janestreet_001. Last but not least, the fifth position was occupied by Indian abhay1312. All four players gave us a stunning performance, and they’ve all managed to level up to 3-star coders post the contest! 

Altogether, that was a competition that we won’t forget anytime soon. If you were there at the Starters 13 but couldn’t get past a particular problem, our video editorials are served! 

Watch Video Editorial

Well, that brings an end to this match report. We’ve got one last competition to go to this September, and we hope to see you there, doing your best. Until then, keep coding! 

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