The Hundredth LunchTime Lived Up To The Hype!

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This weekend we had our hundredth LunchTime (yay for us!), and the entire contest was epic. There was a  problem-set that everyone enjoyed and ranklists that no one could take their eyes off. Without any further ado, here’s a recap of the whole shebang. 

What The Problem Set Looked Like! 

This LunchTime, the pros of Division One were given six problems to solve to get to that number one spot. The most popular problem out of the lot was Alice vs. Bob Faceoff. The problem saw nearly 230 successful submissions and a 31.41 percent accuracy rate. Another problem that got its fair share of attention here was Interesting Representation. lets_rebegin was the first one to solve Interesting Representation here, and nearly 200 others followed suit. The challenging problems of the Division were Maximizing Minimum Segment Sum and Yet Another Shortest Path Problem. The former saw 11 green ticks, while only two players cracked the code to the latter. 

Moving on to Division Two, we saw six problems here as well. Problems Prefix Sums and Yet Another SOD Problem were the ones that stole the hearts of the coders of this Division. Prefix Sum got nearly 4k correct answers, while Yet Another SOD Problem saw 3,800+ successful submissions. Talking challenging problems for the Division, we had Subsequence LCS and Range Array. While Subsequence LCS received four accurate answers, only three players walked away with a green tick for Range Array. 

Division Three had it just as tough as its counterparts, with six problems to figure out. The problem that received the most attention was Vaccine Dates (we’re all desperate for those, huh?) with its 6.6k+ successful submissions. Another problem that acted as a bandwagon for the coders of Division Three was Two Dishes. The problem got nearly 6,000 successful submissions and a 59.86 percent accuracy rate. Meanwhile, Interesting Representation, Division One’s 2nd most solved problem, reappeared in this Division as the least solved problem. nrishabn was the first coder of the Division to emerge triumphant over the problem, and 53 others were able to mirror the feat.

When we spoke to Manuj Nanthan, the problem-setter for Interesting Representation, he revealed that he didn’t expect his problem to be challenging for the coders, saying,  

“Yeah, I felt the question was easy and would have at least 50% accuracy, but life is full of surprises.”

How The Ranklists Panned Out! 

For this LunchTime, our Division One winner was red-band player maroonrk. Right on his tail, we had Canadian and crowd-favorite ksun48. In third place, we had participant grumpy_gordan. grumpy_gordan gained 144 points in the contest and managed to switch stars from 6 to 7. The fourth and fifth spots were occupied by Japanese 7-star coders ssrs and noimi, respectively. 

For Division Two, the coder snuke clinched first place. In the second position, we had Indian participants the_hyp0cr1t3. Third place was taken up by kevinyang. The number four and five positions were claimed by Indians narangkay and sakshammahajan. All five of the players gave it their all during the contest, and credit to their efforts, they’ve all leveled up to become 5-star coders! 

Meanwhile, kotatsugame took home the win in Division Three. Next up was Indian coder harshit_agg. Both of them started the competition as 1-star players and ended it as 3-star ones. The third spot went to adnan_235, who gained 189 points in the contest and jumped stars from 1 to 4. Fourth place went to Indian smkumar, and right after him was compatriot bruce_lala. Both the participants used the contest to level up to 3-star coders! 

Overall, it was quite the LunchTime. If You were there at the competition but missed out on solving a particular problem, our video editorials are there to help. 

Watch Video Editorials

That’s all we’ve got for you now. We look forward to seeing more such enthralling contests. Until then, keep coding!

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