The October Long Challenge 2021 Brought Some Terrific Ties!

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The October Long Challenge, the first rated contest of the month, has ended and we’re already missing that electric vibe. From a platter of problems that had everyone hooked to their screens to some amazing comebacks, and sensational ties here’s everything you need to know about the contest! 

A Delicious Set Of Problems! 

This contest, our talented coders of Division Three were tasked with 8 unique problems. Out of the 8, Which Mixture was the one that most players worked their way through with ease. By the end of the 10 days the problem had over 21k successful submissions and an accuracy rate of 64.46 percent. However, not all was fun and games for the participants of Division Three. Yet another MEX problem saw only 15 correct answers with a meager 0.26 percent accuracy rate. Even trickier were problems Characteristic Polynomial Verification and  Hidden Points. While Characteristic Polynomial Verification saw 5 successful submissions, Hidden Points received only 4 green ticks. 

How The Ranklist Looked! 

This Long Challenge we had four coders tied for first place. Players d___, pustcshui2021, rsjw, and asatata all gave a splendid performance which saw them solve all 8 problems, and get a perfect score. All 4 participants have now levelled-up to become 3-star coders. The fifth place was claimed by Indian nasingh, who gained 237 points in the contest and switched stars from 1 to 3. Sixth position was once again a tie, this time between nine players. To check out who they were, head to the ranklist here

Now that we’ve brought you up-to-date with the details of the competition, it’s our solemn duty to let you know the video editorials for the Long Challenge problems are out now! Go learn! 

Watch Video Editorials 

That’s all we’ve got for you now. This was a pretty good contest, and we’re sure that the first October Starters a.k.a Starters 15 will be equally exciting! Tune in tonight to see for yourself. Until then, keep coding!

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