A Starters Like Never Before | Action-Packed Ranklists & Everything Else!

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The first Starters of the month, which was rated for both Divisions, ended yesterday night, and it would be an understatement to say that the contest was great. We had some solid problems and cutthroat competition, all of which made for an eventful 3 hours. Here’s a little rewind of the entire shebang! 

A Problem-Set Designed To Stun! 

For this contest, Division Two was expected to work through 6 problems for the revered top spot. Nice Pairs was the most loved problem here. nicholask was the first one to solve it and over 3.1k others followed suit. Another problem that was fairly popular amongst the intermediate coders was Division. The problem saw nearly 1,600 successful submissions and an accuracy rate of 14.69 percent. Coming to the problems that had our Div Two players in a little trouble we had Game of Length and Black and White Tree. While Game of Length managed to get 15 correct answers, Black and White Tree saw a meager 6 green ticks. 

Meanwhile, Division Three had slightly more on their plate as they were tasked with 7 problems. The problems that the coders here enjoyed solving were Gold Mining and A Subtask Problem. Over the duration of the competition, Gold Mining saw exactly 6,160 successful submissions, while A Subtask Problem got a little over 5k correct answers. On the other hand of the spectrum, problem Integer concatenation through the players for a loop and saw only 15 green ticks. Problem Game of Length made a reappearance as a tough problem, and this time only 2 participants cracked the code. 

The Ever Dazzling Ranklists! 

Our champion for Division Two was kotatsugame. Right behind him was pustcshui2021. Credit to their splendid performance both player accumulated enough points to switch stars from 3 to 4. Third and fourth places went to renatyss and rock_star789, both of whom used this contest to level up to 5-star coders. Last but not least, the number five spot was occupied by the Russian zerobrain. zerobrain gained 207 points in the competition and is now a 4-star coder. 

The title winner for Division Three was honeybadger998. Second place was clinched by redgrey1993. Both the coders were able to switch stars to 3 post the contest. In the third position, we had Indian vd_coder, who collected 205 points in the competition and jumped stars from 1 to 2. The fourth spot went to juang, who started this competition as a 2-star coder and ended it as a 4-star one. Fifth place went to heisenberg_gg who gained 205 points and is now a 3-star coder. 

That’s all the action that went on this Starters. If you were there at the contest but missed out on a top spot, we think our video editorials will help you prepare yourself well for the next contest! 

Well, folks, we hope that the second half of October is just as exciting as the first half. Until we meet again, keep coding! 

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