A Look Back At The Dazzling Starters 16!

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The second Starters of the month made for a whole lot of entertainment. The contest was hosted in collaboration with the CodeChef Chitkara Chapter, making it all the more exciting. Our problem-setters had given us an exquisite problem-set, and the players didn’t hesitate a second in executing some wonderful submissions. Here’s a look back at Starters 16! 

Problems Players Pounced On! 

This contest was a chaos of the best kind, as the coders were given six problems to crack within 3 hours. Pass or Fail prevailed as the favorite problem, with 9,100+ accurate answers at the end of it all. Another problem that attracted its fair share of attention was Chef and Salary Pay. Chef and Salary Pay saw 6777 successful submissions and a 67.49 percent accuracy rate. Coming to the tougher half of the contest, problem Subarray Sum had the players in a fix. By the end of the contest, this problem received only 23 correct submissions. It was even more of a nightmare for the Division was K – Magical String, as it got merely 9 green ticks. 

A Bedazzling Ranklist! 

This time Indian coder s_aditya topped the list. Next to him was sharone. Third place was claimed by strtoker. faithsolak and wisest occupied positions four and five, respectively. After three nail-biting hours, some immense grit and determination, and a whole lot of skill, all five players have managed to level up to become 3-star coders! We look forward to seeing their talent and hard work in future competitions! 

That’s what we’ve got for you now. If you’re looking for some post-match practice, we’ve got our video editorials ready and waiting! 

Watch Video Editorials

Well folks, this was one thrilling contest, and we hope that the upcoming October Cook-Off pans out the same. Until then, keep coding! 

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