What’s Happening At SnackDown 2021 League Round? Here’s Your Scoop From The Ground

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Twelve years ago, CodeChef, a not-so-recognized name yet, devised a not-so-recognized programming contest, with a dream of making it one of the biggest programming events in the world. It’s 2021, and after five SnackDowns down, we’re sailing our way halfway through the sixth edition. It’s bigger than ever as promised, and the most participated as hoped. Since we opened the registrations on September 2, 2021, we’ve had contenders pouring in from across the globe, and we have more than 75,000 challengers now as we speak! 

This year’s SnackDown is different from the previous years because it’s an individual contest, unlike the team format in the past editions. The decision had been made taking the ongoing pandemic into account. The reaction to this new format has been mixed, and some responses have been rather interesting. Such as this:

To which some replied, 

Putting the rumors at rest, T-shirts are very well there to grab this SnackDown. However,  this year we did decide to go big on the prizes. With $ 10,000 dollars allotted for the winner, and handsome prizes for up to rank 25, and prizes for several categories, this year’s SnackDown has a lot to bring home. However, like every year, the biggest glory remains the much-coveted SnackDown crown. 

Speaking of the crown, we already have some of the favorites aiming for it. The first round of Online Qualifiers began on October 15 and ended on the 19th. The first league of the contest saw CP stalwarts such as the reigning champions Gennady.korotkevich and qwerty787788 along with others such as  Maksim, kostroma, maroonrk, uwi, acrush, and a lot more. While the 7-star coder from Japan, maroonrk has his name shining bright on the first page of the first Qualification Round rank list, it’s refreshing to see three Indian names, Amiy Tiwari, Dristiron Saikia, and Nihal Dwivedi, fighting it out with the global rank holders. However, we’re too early in the game to pick favorites, and we’re hoping to see some exciting turn of events as the game progresses. 

Let us know what you think of the ongoing SnackDown 2021 in the comments below. Tell us if you like our new individual format or if you share errichto’s opinion, which says, 

Online Qualifier has now ended — gear up for Rounds 1A & 1B.

Nearly thirty-seven thousand people have made it through the Online Qualifier to Round 1A. Now it’s time for the contest to get harder, and the thrills to amplify. Round 1A has commenced from October 21, 21:00 (IST), and end on October 23, 2021.

Compete Here 

Round 1B is scheduled to begin from October 29, 21:00 (IST), and end on October 31, 2021. 

Compete Here 

For further information, always please check your email. At each stage of the contest, we will send the latest updates via emailing to you. At the same time, winners will be added to the next round, so you can directly participate in the contest from CodeChef too. 

Let us know who your favorites are on this SnacDown, and also if you’re participating. This is Debanjan, signing off for now with a promise to come back with more scoop on SnackDown 2021. 

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