October Cook-Off 2021 Came With Problems Only A Few Could Ace

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While the entire subcontinent was engrossed in the India vs. Pakistan cricket match yesterday, some of us decided to have an intense game of our own at the October Cook-Off. The competition entailed 2.5 hours of intense coding, intense competition, and some intense fun. In case you missed it, here’s a little recap to catch you up! 

A Phenomenal Platter Of Problems

For this Cook-Off, Division One was tasked with solving 7 problems. Out of the 7, Can You Reach The End was the most popular amongst our pro coders. The problem saw 200 successful submissions and a 42.62 percent accuracy rate. Another problem that Division One enjoyed was Find The Module. Gennady was the first player to crack this code, and 170+ others followed suit. However, not everything came so easy for the aces. While Gennady was the only one able to solve Maximal Trigonal Area, no one got the green tick for Permutating Inversions

Meanwhile, Division Two was busy solving their own 7 problems. Over here, Odd Sum played a crowd favorite with nearly 2k correct answers and a 24.09 percent accuracy rate. Problem 01 Subsequence also struck a chord with the players of Division Two. It received almost 1,600 successful submissions alongside an accuracy rate of 40.84 percent. Talking tough problems, we had Permutation Sorting Game and Second Player. Both problems garnered merely 3 green ticks each. 

While Division One and Two battled 7 problems, Division 3 was assigned 8. Problems Chef and Pairing Slippers and Average Flex were the star problems of this Division. While Chef and Pairing Slippers got over 4.7k correct answers, Average Flex received 2.8k+ successful submissions. Moving to the difficult problems here we had Chef Up and Permutation Sorting Game. As 6 players figured out Chef Up, only cerega353 worked our Permutation Sorting Game. 

The Ever Dazzling Ranklists! 

The Division One rank list was full of red this time around, as all our top 5 coders were 7-star players. In the end, it was Gennady who clinched the title, with ksun48 taking home a close second. In third place, we had American geothermal. The fourth and fifth positions were claimed by Japanese natsugiri and Russian grumpy_gordan

Our winner for Division Two was linkus. The coder gained 207 points from the contest and switched stars from 3 to 4. Second place was taken up by denisson, who was followed by Japanese player kotatsugame. Both participants used the contest to level up to 5-star coders. Fourth place went to shadow_light, who collected 207 points in the contest and is now a 4-star player. Last but not least, the fifth place was occupied by Indian mittalritik, who entered this competition as a 4-star coder, and ended it as a 5-star one. 

Player cerega353 ruled the contest in Division Three,, he jumped stars from 2 to 4. The second position was taken up by sprdalo. He was followed by esmael_sy, who in turn was followed by codeace. All three players started the contest as 2-star coders and ended it as 3-star ones. Fifth place was claimed by Indian sanchita0612. This was her debut CodeChef appearance, and she managed to use the contest to jump stars from 1 to 3. Kudos to her!  

That brings an end to this recap. Before you go, it’s our solemn duty to let you know that the video editorials for the October Cook-Off are out now! 

Well, folks, we hope to see you coding with the same enthusiasm and energy in the October LunchTime. Until then, keep coding!

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