October LunchTime 2021 | Maroonrk For The Win!

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This LunchTime was a fabulous contest, and we doubt anybody would say otherwise. We saw some epic showdowns between the players, and the stunning problem-set only added to the drama. So, without further ado, here’s a recap of the entire shebang. 

An Unforgettable Problem-Set! 

For this LunchTime, our Division One coders were served 5 delicious problems, and their obvious favorite was Median Rearrangement. The problem got 210 green ticks alongside a 35.18 percent accuracy rate. Tree Upshot was also a popular problem within the Division. html_sanek was the first person to solve it, and nearly 100 others followed suit. On the other end of the spectrum, problems MAX-SEG and K-th Element On Grid were the problems that went largely ignored here. MAX-SEG got only 16 correct answers, while merely two players figured out K-th Element On Grid. 

Coming to Division Two, here the coders had six problems to work out. Problems Exactly N Plus 1 Values and Chef and Water Car were the most solved in Division Two with 4,200+ and 3,600+ successful submissions, respectively. However, not everything came so easy for the players here. Maximum GCD had the coders in a jam as it saw only six correct answers throughout the contest. Even trickier was MAX-SEG, with its two green ticks and 1.64 percent accuracy rate. 

The competitors of Division Three were also given six problems. Problem Category was by far the problem showered with the most attention here, with nearly 8.4k accurate answers. Alternate Working Days was another loved problem here. The problem saw 4,300+ successful submissions and a 28.69 person accuracy rate. The only problem that bothered the Division Three players was Median Rearrangement. heno239 was the first player to solve it here, and only 22 others mirrored the feat. 

Ranklists That Were The Definition Of Amazing! 

After a mind-boggling 3 hours, the Japanese 7-star coder maroonrk took the win in Division One. He was followed by a compatriot and fellow 7-star player, noimi. Red band coders bigbag and html_sanek claimed places 3 and 4. Next was participant vercingetorix, who gained 152 points in the competition and jumped stars from 5 to 6! 

Our Division Two victor was heno239, who accumulated 177 points in the contest and is now a 5-star coder. Next up was lolkey, who started this competition as a 3-star player and ended it as a 5-star one. Participants miyukine and shadow_light took up the third and fourth places and switched stars from 4 to 5! The number 5 spot was occupied by playf, who collected a whopping 204 points in the competition and jumped stars from 3 to 4. 

Player olerinskiy was the title-winner In Division Three. Right behind him was Indian coder hello_ritik. The third and fourth positions were also taken up by Indian players abeqkarlio and kadit2096. In fifth place, we had participant viskonsin. All five players gave a solid performance and have successfully managed to level up to 3-star coders. 

That’s all the excitement the contest brought. If you’re looking to skill up after this competition, we suggest you watch our video editorials! 

Well, folks, it’s been a heck of a month. We hope that November is blessed with the same coding craziness as October. Until then, keep coding! 

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