The November Long Challenge | ward_beullens Reigns Supreme!

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We saw some stunning coding action these past 10 days at the November Long Challenge. We had an amazing problem-set and saw a cutthroat competition that left us all stunned. Here’s a recap to help you relive that electric vibe. 

The Perfect Platter Of Problems! 

Our Division Three coders had their hands full in this contest as they were expected to solve 10 problems in 10 days. At the end, the most popular problem was Which Fuel Is Cheaper. The problem saw nearly 20k successful submissions and a 53.48% accuracy rate. Another problem popular amongst the budding players was Equal Coins. shabz was the first to solve Equal Coins, and 16,000+ others followed suit. Coming to the tougher half of the problem-set we had Functional Array with its 23 correct answers. Even trickier was Convex Hulk. The problem saw merely 12 green ticks and a 3.32 percent accuracy rate. 

After the contest, we spoke to setter Abhinav Sharma, who was responsible for Functional Array, and asked him about the problem he set, 

“This problem is based of usage of knapsack algorithm multiple times in a sequential manner with optimised memory and execution time. The difficulty is expected to be of medium level and lower accuracy as certain edge cases (ex. finding a number 0) needs to be handled properly”

A Ranklist To Remember! 

After a thrilling fight, our chart-topper for this contest was coder ward_beullens. Not far behind was player wrathofangered. The third and fourth places were taken up by Chinese qkoqhh and Indian nickfurystar. Last but not least, in the number five spot we had participant cys258. It was a truly remarkable performance from all the players and we’re happy to say that they’ve all leveled up to become 3-star coders. We hope to see them serve more such performances in the future! 

Well, that’s all for the exciting details of the competition. If you were there at the Long Challenge but stumbled at a couple of problems, our video editorials are out already to walk you through your mistakes! 

Overall, the November Long Challenge was as good as it gets, and it was a stellar start to the month. We hope that we see the same enthusiasm and energy from y’all in the upcoming contests. Until then, keep coding! 
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