The Stunning Action-Packed Starters 17!

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The first Starters of the month just concluded, and phew! It sure was a visual treat to see a few of the best coders from both the Divisions solve one of the best set problem platters. Let’s now take a quick sneak peek into the match and know the coders who emerged out successfully. 

The Mind-Blowing Problems Served

Division 2 had to tackle eight questions to earn that sweet top spot. The most loved problem served by the Chef was New Piece, with almost 4k submissions. With 42.04% accuracy, GCD of Prefixes ranked the second most loved and solved the question by the coders. They had to rack their brain for a bit of math here as well. Not all the questions were a piece of cake for the contenders. Find the special node gave them a tough time, with only 17 submissions. The most challenging cookie for them to crack was the Yet Another Cookie Problem and none of the coders for the night could solve the problem. 

Moving on to the Division 3 statistics now, we saw more than 7k coders actively participate and make submissions. Chef on Vacation quickly became the most solved problem with more than 6.5k submissions and an accuracy of 73.01%. For all the Chess enthusiasts, we had the New Piece problem here as well, and more than 5k submissions were made for the same. Apart from the Find the special node problem, String game, and Partition It , were the intricate problems for coders this time. 

Not one, but two ranklists! 

By accumulating 670 points, PCTprobability was declared the champion of the night in Division 2. Following him in the rank list, we saw capitan, another purple coder, in second place. The sleepless need4sleep_mw, an Indian coder, bagged third place in this Starters, and he also managed to increase his star ratings from 4 to 5 with this challenge! The fourth and fifth places were claimed by the American bucketpotato and Indian l0sei, both by scoring 600 points.

n00bie_101 solved all problems, but one gained 700 points and bagged the title in Division 3. Next, we had anthonycubing from Hong Kong solve seven problems and increase his rating from 1 star to 3 stars within three hours! The third spot went to tarush0605 from India, who gained 191 points and an extra star as well. kalandar participated only in one rated contest before, and he went on to bag fourth place this time and switched from 2 stars to 4 stars post the contest. Lastly, another Indian coder, karde_yaar, gained 600 points in the challenge and booked his place in the top 5. 

Well, now, that’s all about the action that went on this time in Starters. If you want to tackle the unsolved problem in this challenge, then head over to the video editorials, and learn all you need. 

Until next time, happy coding!

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