November Starters 18 | xsalty_ Claims First Win!

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Starters 18 has freshly concluded, and boy, what a contest it was! From a stunning platter of problems to stellar competition Starters 18 had it all! Here’s a quick recap of the contest to help you relive that electric vibe!

Drool-Worthy Problems!

To get to the number one spot, the Division Three players were expected to wade through 6 problems. Out of the 6, the most popular was Back to Campus. The problem saw 7,200+ and a 54.83 percent accuracy rate. Another problem the budding coders here seemed to have enjoyed was Make them equal with its 5550 accurate answers. Coming to the tougher problems the Division faced was Expectations on a Permutation as only 57 players cracked this code. However, the toughest problem of the Division was Weird GCD Value as merely 4 coders walked away with a green tick for this problem! 

A Ranklist That Left Us All Amazed! 

The coder who stole the show this Starters was xsalty_. Right behind him, in second and third places we had Indians kirito09 and angryyav. The fourth position was claimed by dknguyen176, and the fifth spot went to carlostagosaku. All five players used their stunning performance in the contest to level up to 3-star coders. Positions 6 to 8 were an all-Indian deal as players zyab_officials, upadhyay_ji, and alice_wets_bob used the competition to switch stars to 3. In ninth place, we had coder optimalnight, who gained 225 points in the contest and jumped stars from 2 to 4. The tenth position was taken up by zarvox, who started the contest as a 2-star player and ended it as a 3-star one. 

Well, that’s all for the recap. Now that the competition is done and dusted with, we suggest you head on over to our video editorials to learn how you could have done better! 

Starters 18 was a great contest, and it was one we’ll remember for a while. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the rest of this week’s competitions will be just as exciting! Until next time, keep coding! 

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